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Every ******* time!
I always get hurt no mater what!
Ughhh! I try so hard to be careful not to but at the same time to be happy.
But every time I'm happy it goes BOOM! And I get ******* hurt!
Was I not meant to be happy?! Is that what this is?!

I got hurt again! I was relly starting to like him...he was sweet as can be and just great! Everything was going pretty good and then BOOM! One day "oh I don't think it's working"(and if your reading this oops!)
Oh and let's not ******* talk about it!
He just wants it to be over so he can talk to he's girl friends!
I wasn't special! I relly wasn't! The chicks that show there boobs are special! But I'm not cuz I don't show my **** on the Internet! -_-

The relly sad thing is that I still want to be with him! But he doesn't want to try to work it out! :(

Well I feel better-ish.
rawrgasm rawrgasm 18-21, F 2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

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I don't believe that! -.-