I Dont Vote, So I Cant Really ...

I dont vote, so i cant really complain about anything I guess.
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4 Responses Apr 2, 2007

Ok here is my point of view , and then i am done with the whole political conversations. i have been in so many bad situations , more than i would like to remember , as i am sure alot of people have, I am not saying that i am to be pittied, but damn, where are the staight faced politicians when an American goes to get foodstamps or apply for housing and we have to go through so much crap to qualify, then in the same line standa an imigrant who gets grants to build a home(sarcasim) or gets hundreds of dollars to buy food? Where are they when a family of 6 amricans try to get a two bedroom house and the landlord says that they dont have enough space for 6 people but will turn around and rent to an imigrant family of 10 and then they move in another family so now a single family home is filled with 2 families? Where are they when an educated black man goes for a job and in a bl<x>ink of an eye the imigrant next to him gets the job instead because he will take less pay and does not even have the skills it takes to do the job? i dont know a whole lot about politics but I do know that things are pretty damn screwed up and the ones who get voted in just keep letting their own people fall into debt while imigrants come up. i am a loving person and have a lot of different races of friends so no i am not prejudice, but look around you we are not being treated fairly. What i have to say about all this is nothing less than what has already been said. So If people with louder voices cant get it done than what is my 2 cents going to do? I live my life peacefully and with pride that I have a merciful God and let it up to him. Everything that is going on in the world is supposed to happen, it is going to happen weather i vote or not because God is comming with or with out obamma or hillary in office. I am going to make it no matter who is in office, and If i did vote the person i would vote for wouldnt even be on the ballet. He would be a Christian and a strong one , one that would not allow killing babies, or let our own country go hungry, one that would stand up for the word of God and not let what other people say influence him to make bad decisions for our country. One that would feed the hungry in other countries and still have enough money to take care of the homeless here. Yeah that is not going to happen so i wont vote for a liar, or a communist, or a baby killer, or someone who will take from our pockets to fill the ones of those who only had to cross the border to get rich quick. thats all i have to say about that. Thanks for your input but i am now finished talking about politics.

No you can't .Not at all. Have more pride in yourself, and your country. don't be so passive, be proud!!

i feel like it really doesnt matter what i think or who i would want in office , whenit all comes down to it i believe that the senate makes the final decision anyway. I know that i am probably wrong for saying that , but it really doesnt interest me(politics), and My life will go on.

why don't you ote just curious about the reasons one would have for not taking part.