I Have a Question

It's an election year which means candidates are spewing their bullsh*t like there's no tomorrow. One phrase that I see used on both sides, but predominately by McCain, is 'winning the war in Iraq'. What does that mean?

Both sides say that they want a 'democratic and free' Iraq, but it takes about 2 seconds of critical thinking to know that this isn't the truth. A democratic Iraq would be run by it's Shi'ia majority, and would quickly move to strengthen ties with Iran. Permanent US military bases wouldn't be allowed, and the oil fields wouldn't be privatized. The exact opposite of what the US wants.


So my question is: What constitutes victory in Iraq?

I have my own thoughts on the matter, but I'm interested in what some other people think.

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2 Responses May 20, 2008

agreed..winning by 'our' definition only and if it takes '100 years' republicans (for sure) will wait it out. i think on the inside, we all know we can't 'win' the war in iraq. it will be interesting to see who wins and what campaign promises are forgotten ...<br />
"read my lips, no new taxes"

i just like the fact that he says it as if winning a war isnt the general point of going to war....