Speaking My Piece On Voting..

Voting is one of the most important parts of a democracy! It is the reason our ancestors fled from Britain to America; the right to have a decision in their future! (True, there was the religious persecution, too, but that's not the point right now.) It is such a shame that more people don't vote.

I find it highly preposterous that someone could ever think that the political system doesn't affect them so therefore there isn't a need for them to vote. That is absurd! Politics affect your drive to work in the morning, how much you end up paying for a pack of smokes or a 12 pack afterwards, etc. Everything is regulated by the government and since most of us do occasionally decide to leave our homes and venture out into the world, we should at least have our say in how it is ran.

I will vote next year. I don't care if it isn't cool or "the thing" to be doing. I don't think I could honestly respect myself if I didn't get out there and take part in my country. It'd be quite shameful.

tangoswducks tangoswducks
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1 Response Apr 17, 2007

Well said, and good on you!!! *applauds*