Being Canadian,...

Being Canadian, I can't BUT i wish to heavens i could!! If i could vote, i wouldn't vote Republican, because sadly I do not yet see a candidate evolving to the point where they would take a VERY strong stance against the war in Iraq and get the U.S. citizens HOME...... aren't we suppose to be hunting down Bin Laden? At least that is what i thought was the initial priority. I BLESS each and every soldier that is in Iraq, and yes Canadians have lost some soldiers as well, but unlike Americans, we SEE the coffins returning home. Someone recently said in the media, and I'm not sure if it is true, That  President Bush had not attended even ONE soldier's funeral, IF that is true, than shame on him!! These American Soldiers put their life on the line, and paid the ultimate cost by losing that life, and sadly because this war has divided the American people so much, although there seems to be less division now, than there once was, i really fear for the soldiers that eventually do return, that they might have to face another Vietnam re-action from the public.  Although i see it much less likely the case now, as even those who STRONGLY state their disgust for this war ALWAYS seem to THANK the brave soldiers who are merely following orders as they have been taught to do.

Sadly too, i heard the statistic, that since this war started 650,000 INNOCENT Iraqi civilians have died!! How would the U.S. deal with that fact IF it was 650,000 US innocent civilians. Would they not HATE the invaders of their country? I know if it was 650,000 INNOCENT Canadian Civilians that had lost their lives in this war i would HATE the U.S. ..... not the people of the United States BUT the GOVERNMENT!!

Will George Bush EVER admit he MESSED up BEYOND belief, will he ever have the GUTS to show up at even ONE funeral?

Being Canadian I am DAMN lucky!! Simply because i know that the U.S. due to our proximity knows that it is in their best interest to keep Canada safe, because that tiny little boarder means NOTHING if a war were to break out on the ground in either the U.S. or Canada.

I hope that I have not offended anyone, because that is not why i write this. All i see is UNBELIEVABLE CARNAGE growing on a daily basis. The only person i wish to OFFEND is George W Bush, not any Republican SIMPLY him, after all HE is the president and it was HIS final decision to invade IRAQ, NOT ALL Republicans ..... but i sadly see that if any American speaks out against this war they are slammed with the label of being UNpatriotic, and i do not see that as the case. I, as a Canadian, believe you can truly HATE this war and still be a very PROUD, PATRIOTIC AMERICAN .....

I'm a Canadian and i am DAMN proud of each soldier who has fought in this war, i guess all i am trying to say, IS i wish they didn't have too.

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ron paul is not running as a repulican. he is a libertarian.

Glad to hear it Captainwinky, well if it goes to the Rep. than perhaps he is the one, but i have to admit that i do not follow the Republicans as much as i do the Dem. Right now i like Borak O'bama (sp?)

Ron Paul is running as a Republican candidate that is strongly opposed to the war and has been since the begining.

Bin Laden will never be found . He works for the US gvt. Trained by us and paid by us. Friends with Bush Family. Go to you will find some interesting things there.