This Is An Urgent Situation Ge...

This is an urgent situation geopolitically.  We don't need 80% of the world hating our guts.
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Hi puck61<br />
not being rude but I think 80% is a bit low.<br />

Amen Josie

Elections are important, if you don't vote you truly have no right to complain. <br />
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This election is extremely important in that our next leader needs to keep America viable in this world and not relegate it to a second, third or fourth class nation.<br />
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America is a guiding light and needs to maintain that position.

On the bright side...It's great to live in a country where we can have these conversations without being drug from our homes and beheaded least not yet.

They were taken to Syria, they had plenty of time, and plenty of help from the good ole French.

while i agree with SOME of what you said....<br />
<br />
this war is NOT a war on terror. sorry, but its not. this war was waged in the name of justice for the horrendous acts committed on 9/11. however, th eman we went after (while certainly deserving to e ousted) HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THOSE ATTACKS.<br />
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so, no, i dont think the world hates us ecause we hate terrorists-- i think they hate us because we lie, cheat and steal our way to the top of the human **** pile. they hate us because we are fat and lazy and wage wars against nations in the name of something unreal. <br />
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where were those WMD's anyhow?

I know HH, I'm a patriot. I served for 6 years, and I would again. It's the lack of intelligence and diplomacy that worries me. There is a threat that we have to deal with, but why do we give them 6 months warning? It's not the battle against terrorism that annoys other nations, it's the economic and political hypocricy, and the obviously selfish agenda of the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that Eisenhower warned us about over 50 years ago. All we can do is pray and vote our consciences.

um, 80% of the world already does hate us.

Challenging times are ahead for your country and, by association, mine. You are our 'big brother', whether most Canadians will admit it or not, and what affects you will invariably trickle or flow across the border. Your sheer numbers intimate the rest of the world, and even your 'little brother' cringes under your scrutiny. Some wise man noted that one should 'keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.'

You are correct we do not need 80% of the world hating us. It is an embarrassment as so many things are these days. Daily I cringe!