...even Though None of the Candidates Support Gay Marriage!

I will vote, but I will also be grateful that I live in Massachusetts and can vote for my dog as a write-in and not have to worry about anyone other than a Democrat carrying the state.

As a partner in a lesbian marriage in Massachusetts, how can I reasonably be expected to vote for a candidate that does not recognize my legal marriage?  Are all of these Democrats vying for the nomination going to 'flip-flop' and begin to support gay marriage once it is legal and recognized in more than just Massachusetts?

Even though I will always vote, encourage my fellow citizens to vote, and do everything in my power to protect this basic right for everyone, I remain woefully disappointed in all of the presidential candidates for such short-sightedness in their leadership on such a pivotal issue as gay marriage.
haakatt haakatt
31-35, F
May 21, 2007