The Constitution Didn't Come With a Limited Warranty, It Came With a Life Time Guarantee

After doing some research on voting records, reading about,  as well as listening to each of the candidates, I was left with one candidate. Ron Paul. It seems that Mr. Paul is the only one who stands behind our present Constitution and doesn't seem to think it's an obsolete piece of paper in need of  an 'overhaul' or an 'adjustment' here and there.  He doesn't waffle on issues and he doesn't yield to pressure and he stands his ground despite all the ridicule he takes for being 'outdated.' I like Ron Paul.
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2 Responses May 29, 2007

I agree totally. I'm surprised to see someone like this running on the republican ticket but my vote will certainly go to Ron Paul.

So true. the others are puppets with big businesses hand up their back.