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i cant wait to vote in the 08 election but it will be my first time voting for pres. and i feel somehow an enormous amount of pressure to pick a good candidate but at the same time cynical that my vote will not truly matter
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This is my first year voting too, and I see where you're coming from. The electoral college makes your individual vote seem insignificant. The thing is, when a race comes down to one or two percentage points, that thinking can be the difference between one candidate and another. People who actively try to sabotage a candidate don't leave fliers telling you to vote for the other guy, they leave fliers in the middle of the night saying that election day has changed to Wednesday to avoid long lines, or that if you show up to the polls with outstanding parking tickets you'll be arrested. If your vote didn't matter at all, would they bother with such deception?<br />
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As for the "right to complain"--it's like South Park says. EVERY election is between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. The system sucks, it's a fact, but unless a new one is implemented, we have to do what we can with what we've got. Saying you live in a red state and want to vote blue or vice versa doesn't excuse apathy. I live in a state that has, with ONE exception in the past century, always voted Republican. This year, we're a blue state. Pale blue, but blue nonetheless. That took many, many years of dedication from people who didn't live to see the day where my state sits, a small island of blue in the buckle of the bible belt.<br />
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I think even the dim, unlikely possibility of change is worth the price of a tank of gas and a long line one day every four years.

oh, come off it.

suit yourself. none of it really matters. you are, as always, correct.

I know what you were saying, I just disagree. I think we all have a right to complain. What if I don't like either candidate? Should I really waste the gas to drive out of town and vote for a third party that doesn't stand a chance just so I'll have the right to complain?

if you choose to misread. i guess you could say that. what i said was if you choose not to vote you forfiet your right to complain. perhaps i should explain more bluntly.

It's like saying that if you voted for Bush you have no right to complain about him.

Too bad people tink it doesn't matter. Even if your canidate is not the one that wins you have exercised a fundamental right. And yeah, i'm one of those nasty poeple that says if you willing choose not to vote the do us a favor and willing choose to say silent the rest of the time. Biotchy of me i know. But I have the excuse of being born into a family of suffragists.

I am only going to vote because I told my grandma I would. I am not going to fool myself into thinking my vote matters at all. I live in TX, after all. Do you live in a swing state?

Your vote does matter. Our system is based on the people. You are the people. The President works for the people.<br />
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Now I know politics enters in her and politicians have change the system to their advantage. But you need to remember you represent the Country and the direction you believe it should move in.<br />
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Study their words and their actions, past and present.<br />
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Vote your conscience, vote for whom you believe to be the best candidate. Vote for whom you believe will be the best leader for the nation.<br />
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Always vote.

I know how you feel! It will be my first vote in a pres. election as well!

No pressure, just vote! However, be aware that during the elections this November, you will NOT be voting for a President. Instead, you will be voting for an electorate, who will be casting the actual vote for a presidential candidate. <br />
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It's also important for you to realise that your votes that REALLY make a difference, throughout the country and in your local community, are the votes you cast for your government representatives and other ballot issues that directly affect important things, like how much you will pay in taxes and whether or not the government should put a limitation upon who may be allowed to marry, etc. Your votes on these and other issues are far more important than any vote for the next President.


I can't vote yet. I have two more years until I can... And when I AM old enough I'm not sure that I will even vote.... But I guess it depends on who's running.... But thats not going to for another four years or something.

Congrats !!!!! YES you are right it is a big awesome right to have...<br />
<br />
Please get informed about issues......and if you arent informed dont be afraid to leave it for me <br />
I dont have kids so I let the people who do steer that vote....I just dont vote on it......but being informed is an awsome job to be taken seriously and proudly....WE HAVE VOTED TO INFLUENCE YOUR LIFE NOW ITS YOUR TURN TO INFLUENCE OURS....HAPPY HAPPY DAY....GO GET EM !!!! <br />
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Every vote matter's, just vote who you think will get the job done. You have to watch the debates to see what they stand for.

Please don't ever think that. It is one of the privledges of living in the USA to have the right to vote. Please don't EVER take it for granted. No matter who you vote for, just be honored that you are in a country that gives you that right. <br />
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If you remember the 2000 election, it was so close that a recount was needed in Florida. Every vote counts. <br />
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Plus, if you are a woman, think about all the countries in this world where women are not even allowed to drive cars or other things taken for granted in this country. <br />
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WHEN you vote, if your candidate wins or loses, just hold your head up high and remember that YOU had a voice, and always do. <br />
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I hope you do decide to vote your heart and hold on to this privledge and honor for every election you participate in. <br />
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God Bless America!!!!!