Ron Paul

I'm disappointed with the direction America is heading. It saddens me to see our rights continuously ******** away from us and see that most people do not notice nor care. Ron Paul gets my vote because he is one of the only candidates who stands for what he believes in, even if he is the only one who stands on that side of an issue.
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5 Responses Aug 30, 2007

Ron Paul has my vote, the only thing that really gets to me is the fact the he doesn't believe in evolution. i think thats sort of weird but that is nothing compared to the rest of the runners. its sad that they are trashing him on tv and not giving him the respect he should get.

Kucinich supporter here. But I'll read up on Paul.

Two more votes for Ron Paul here, if he doesn't get the republican nomination I will vote Libertarian - again.

You have to register quickly as states are closing their primaries and pulling back dates.

Dennis Kucinich is a good candidate also and I support both, but I'm voting for Ron Paul.