Unconditional Love

We make love for hours beneath the moonlight on the beach. There won’t be another soul there, just the stars that shine so high above us. We stop a while to listen as dolphins sing and splash. Sea gulls caw as they flew. The ocean tide is so serene. You kiss me so passionately as I hold you in my warm embrace, fill me with so much love like I have never felt before. You take off my shirt as I remove your lacy bra. I kiss your breasts and suck each nipple. As I slowly enter you, I watch you take a deep breath you hold it for a while, trying to ease away your ******. As I continuously thrust into you, you lean back for a while. I run my hand over your mouth, then down your neck and chest. You look so beautiful as you rock back and forth meeting me with every thrust. You coo and sigh so softly. I can feel your warmth as you explode all over me. You flood my manhood as you start to slow down. I reach up placing my hands behind your lovely neck gently pulling you toward me. It seems like you forget to exhale. I blow a breath into your face trying to wake you up. As you sit with your eyes closed you look deep into mine then thank me so sweetly as I kiss your lips. You lay your head upon my chest, then slowly drift off to sleep. I push your hair back as you sleep so soundly, then kiss your forehead as I sigh in elation. I say a humble prayer thanking the Lord for you hoping that you would stay and spend the rest of your life with me. You are my inspiration; the air that flows throughout my lungs. I cherish every moment that we share. I will love you always, unconditionally.
adamw adamw
36-40, M
2 Responses May 20, 2012

I always love you unconditionally....

God Adam, that is soo good!! You sound so tender, yet passionate, and that is what women like!! Are you single? Or is this dedicated to someone?? I wrote,"After the drought" That is my sex story, and it shocked some people!! HA HA!!! LOL Nice to meet you, you are interesting you know!!! Cath