I'll Wait For You Until You Come Back...

It was the worst day of my life when i lost it just because of few misunderstandings. So this was the letter i sent in a hope that someday God will help me to make it out. Do you thing i will ever get my love back?

Getting these hiccups still gives me an illusion that it might be you... And this lifeless face still needs you to touch it and make it alive... I Know doing mistakes is so easy than to get them rectified...

I did one and you got hurt, indeed you replied nothing and that's the only thing which hurts the most.

Sometimes i think if we could solve it, then there would be no logic behind being hurt.
Most of the time i pray God to keep u safe, and
Every time i realize the stupid mistake i made,
Knowingly by not doing such mistakes what could have...

I wish one day when someone knock the door and i open it, i see u standing there and passing your innocent smile on your face with a huge bucket of questions in your heart... And to give to a response I don't know what really will i do... Probably i would not be able to spot bursting the endless line of tears on my face,,, and to give out all the love and loneliness stored in my heart for you...

But you worry worry if God has already decided to not to make us together again i would not fight with God, Rather i would get angry with God for lifetime, for giving me such a big punishment in revert of my mistake...

I don't know whether i will be able to learn to live my life again but you know something one day when i will die i would be happy, because i will take all those beautiful memories along with me that i spent with and i would be with you as i wanted no matter even if it will be my soul than just my body.

Then you will not be able to avoid me because you would not be able to see me or touch me to push me back out of your life but you could feel my presence.

Till the time this my heart breathing i will never off or fade the lights of my hope to see you in my life again...

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2 Responses May 25, 2012

lol wow... i felt as though you was him for a second and then realised writing style is different, yours lacks grammar... but do all guys say the same thing?

dont really think so, coz every person is different.. btw u also noticed that i do grammar mistakes.., why do all the girls think the same way and dont try to understand the feelings inside??

Hm, that was beautiful despite the grammar problems. Bravo; definitely.<br />
I'm sorry but I can't say anything to help with that as i'm still in the middle of something similar. We'll go through it with each other in mind, knowing that there is another trying to stand strong.