I Truely Enjoy Wearing A Bra

I have been interested in bras since I was a teenager. I used to study the Sears catalogue. Later as an adult I stole bras off clothes lines.
I would play with them and throw them away a few minutes later.
I have always been a big guy. The bras the I stole would never fit me. It didn't occur to me that bras were made in different sizes.
I was 50 years old and one day in the bathroom I read a catalogue with bigger bras in it. I tried to figure out my size and ordered some.
A couple of months later I decided to go for a bra fitting. What great fun. I have been wearing them ever since.
I have heard it said tht once you put on a bra you are "hooked". It is true. There is nothing like wearing a bra. It is a constant reminder that it is there. You are feeling it all the time I think that is part of the fun.
There is a website for men wearing bras: http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/mb/hellotaxi
It is a very nice site.
Check it out.

gneena gneena
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9 Responses Oct 12, 2010

All I can say is, I love to wear a bra!!

HI Gneena nothing wrong with a man wearing a bra. I wear one everyday. My B***s grew a little and I moved up to a 44D cup. These Passion Lace Plunge Bras from Lane Bryant are so comfortable. I think I'll go shopping again on saturday and look for another alluring color.

I too wear a bra everyday a Passion Lace Plunge Bra from Lane Bryant formy naturally grown boobs, see my pics.

Thanks for the link, joined!

I am also joined that site, it is good site. thanks for sharing. <br />
I like bra.

I am also bra, petticoat, saree, silkskirts lover. I am a man. I love bra.

I cant agree more. Bras are the greatest. I just wish my wife would see it that way. She is just too old fashioned. I would wear a bra 24/7 if i could.

I so agree, There is nothing like having a pretty bra hugging you all day. <br />
And thanks for that website, I've just joined and waiting approval.

Gneena you are so right!!! Hooked is a good word. I don't know when I started but I have been wearing one off and on for quite a while. Now I wear one everyday, all day, no matter what I am doing I have one on!!!