Bra Shopping

I love bras and enjoy shopping for them. Perhaps, twenty years ago it was quite difficult to find plus size bras. They were not available and the manufacturers just did not make a bra above a DD or F cup size. I was looking in a local store and found a 46 F bra in a stretch pink/beige color. It was lovely and I just had to have it. I asked the store owner if I could try it on and she was fine with it. There were two changing rooms in the back of the store so I went into one and pulled the curtain. Took off my coat and shirt and put the bra on. Wow, it fits and is one of the largest bras I had seen back then. The bra was elastic but stretched around my chest.

I put my clothes back on and took the bra to the counter. I asked if this was the only bra available and the owner said yes. She was trying it in the store to see if it sold and this was the firstbra she sold. I paid for the bra and took it home with me to wear later.
jml2000 jml2000
61-65, M
May 23, 2012