Permanently Locked Into A Steel Chastity Cage.

Mistress Jade has forced me to wear adult Diapers at all times, and she decided that as her Feminized Sissy Baby, I should never be allowed to touch mysellf, never be allowed to have an erection and definately will never again be permitted any sort of sexual pleasure.
Mistress commanded me to buy a steel Chastity cage and it has now been locked on permanently and I must remain secured into Chastity forever. Of course it does come off once a week so I can make sure I am clean and properly shaven in that area, but then it goes right back on again.
It is a very strange feeling to know I will never be allowed out of my Chastity cage, and every second of each day I am reminded that my little sissy baby "Clitty" is permanently locked up in Chastity.

sissybabylaura sissybabylaura
56-60, M
3 Responses May 19, 2010

I envy you I do use Chasity to control my chronic ************ but my master doesn't like for me to be locked up too much it hurts him more than me. But he doesn't want my **** to shrink and become limp he does like loving on my **** as much as I love loving on his we love each other very much unconditionally he fears it will change me he loves me as I am. Do you see any physical changes from full time Chasity?

There is a rather humiliating procedure called prostrate milking, which relieves the build up of *****, but gives no sexual pleasure to the male.

So what do you do for relief? It's not healthy to have all the ********* build up in you.