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I would like to make clear that I am not hijacking this site to belittle the brave men who gave their lives in war.I am posting this because E.P. asked me to participate,and I will,but in line with my beliefs.I do not support poppy day,no disrespect,again,to those who gave their lives,but rather in respect for them.I am a pacifist,and cannot condone man killing and being killed by man.When looked into,it becomes clear that the only people who profit from war are the arms dealers and the banks which lend money to the warring factions.Unfortunately this is reason enough for these evil organisations to want violence and conflict.The men that go to fight wars(my father was one)are given any reason but the truth as to why they are going to war,and are led to believe it is a conflict between good and evil.The real evil is worked by those paving the way for conflict for their own gain.Look at the second world war,the americans,under the codename operation paperclip,ensured that the german scientists could carry on with their projects,but for themselves,shuttling them into the states for this purpose.Right and wrong was never an issue for them,simply knowledge,and knowledge is power.Ironically,after brave men gave their lives suppossedly for their country,their loved ones to be free from tyranny,we now face the biggest threat from the very people who used these arguments to justify war.It is a clear message of how the population is viewed by the elite taking these decisions,simply units to be used as they will,no concern for the men they send to their deaths,just greed.I object to those men who gave their lives being deceived,even in their deaths being further used to propagate war as a fine act,they deserved better,and would surely be horrified to see the path we are now hurtling down,a society made up of mind controlled slaves,no freedom,no freewill.Would I not be as evil as the warmongers if I did not state what I know to be true?There is no glory in war,just deaths,and the pain those who lost loved ones in these charades.It is for these people,brainwashed by manipulative elite groups,that I stand and protest.This is my belief,and I stand by every word.Thankyou.
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Our fighting men have provided the freedom for free speech which allows the OP to make this statement. So, as a former fighting man I cannot ob<x>ject to anything the poster says even though my opinions are different. What I would say is that in previous generations men like the OP were referred to as "Conscientious ob<x>jectors" and given a special place in the armed forces as stretcher bearers and medics. They saved 10's of thousands of lives. In my considered opinion then we should wear our poppy to commemorate these men too and thank them for their sacrifice. Next time you wear your poppy think of the thousands who didn't want to fight but gave their all for the benefit of others.

Thanks for your comment,and I respect others views,because all opinions are based on what we experience and have learnt.I am gang stalked/community mobbed because of who I am,which gives me a different perspective on whats happening in the world.I dont wear a poppy,because I refuse to consent in any form the killing of man by man.My government runs a covert agenda,along with the USA government and others round the world,to harass in many forms innocent people.I will never be part of these people.

Wearing a poppy doesn't indicate consent to killing however. It commemorates the fallen. End of story. What you think your government or any other government does has nothing to do with the act of remembrance.

i agree in many ways<br />
look at the friends killed for a goverment that has not followed thoguht with any of the promise made to us for severing<br />
i think i about my wife i lost at 19 as she walked down a street in siagon

Whichever way you look at it,renaging on a promise to men putting their lives on the line is despicable.I know words wont change this,but Im so sorry about the loss of your wife.Thanks for commenting.

this was written from the heart,and im surprised nobody has left any remarks on it.oh well.