Will Always Wear Panties

I will always wear panties. Why should woman be the only ones to wear panties, woman have been wearing mens clothing for years now its our turn, who says panties can only be worn by a woman. So why is it so wrong for a guy to wear panties when a girl can wear boxers, there is nothing wrong with either. They are just clothes and its does not mean anything about the person, many girls wear boxers because they are comfortable, and the amount of choices in styles, fabrics and colors, and also wearing certain ones make them feel different and can effect there mood. Men wear panties for many of the same reasons for comfort, amount of styles, fabric, colors and the feeling they get when wearing them. Men and woman should be able to wear what makes them comfortable without having to feel like its wrong. Check out our profile to find our more about us.
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Excellent story, and oh so true! :)