White Girls Knickers

Most men who come to wear girls underwear start by wearing their sister or mothers knickers. I am slightly different my mother made me wear white schoolgirls knickers from as long as I can remember. My sister was a year older than me. She had full sized airtex knickers with lace edging whereas I had plain white interlock cotton briefs, traditional schoolgirl knickers.
I don't know what I had done wrong but my mother was always hitting me and if I cried she would then say " If you cry like a baby I will treat you like a baby " I was then ******** to my knickers and vest for the rest of the day.
My sisters friends thought it hilarious and made great fun of me. At school everyone knew I wore girls knickers, the boys did not take much notice but the girls were forever teasing me,
and sometimes pulled my trousers down on the way home after school.
I must have secretly loved the attention because I wear panties all the time, especially white cotton ones and love to get into situations where I can show them off to girls.
tinatim tinatim
56-60, T
Jan 19, 2013