At 600 lbs my GF wants to weigh 1000 lbs at age 21. She plans on being completely dependent on someone for everything. Her food, bath, cleaning after using the bathroom, more food, even someday breathing. I told her I will be there for her. but for all those other gainers out there. Make sure that you have someone there for you
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Mayra Rosales (half ton murder) was that big at 21.

It is not hard to care for the fat partner you love and have fed fatter.

This is a very important idea! I did not seriously gain toward my higher goals until I was sure I would have the care and attention I would need to reach that weight. Immobility means exactly that! nearly everything we do as mobile people, which we take for granted, needs to be done for us past a certain weight and we become immobile. I planned for it, and I am glad I did!

I am so fortunate to have lots of help also as I now can barely do anything myself at over 700.

that is the best advice you could ever give