Why I'm Going To Be More Patient

I am normally a pretty peaceful person (a PPP) but some things get me riled up and it' more often or not something to do with kids. Let me make a list

1/   I hate those ears that kids seem to have that are painted on, you know the ones, they just don't work.,  You can clean them out with cotton buds, check to see if there's daylight showing, blow a good gale thru them, give then a tweak and twist and they still don't go!  Remember i'm normally  a PPP.

2/  I hate those cell phones that  have  those  Pac-Mac goblins things inside them that EAT up ALL the credit so there's never enough credit left to tell the MOTHER were the hell everyone is.  The rest of the world knows so maybe next time i'll just ask to first person i see.   PPP is  starting to pull out her hair.

3/   I hate those lunch boxes that come home from school with most of the lunch (  i made at 7.00am in the morning  with loving hands,) still inside it, all crumpled and mushed up,   ...... wait.... what's this, other peoples snack wrappers and scraps....Don't mind the smoke coming out of my ears cause remember i'm normally a PPP.

4/  I  hate it when i can't find my good tweezers because the kids know where all my stuff is ( but can't find a damm thing of their own)   and have used my best tweezers because they grip better for arts and craft... by the way mum, there's a bit of super glue on them.     But remember i'"M A PPP ...#*!#*!*!!!!

The list could go on but i'll save them for another day,

so i''ve made it a goal to be more patient cause kids are kids, cause  if they weren't kids they would be called adults.

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4 Responses Feb 26, 2010

My children frustrated me as well, but now I have 8 grandchildren, and they are the most polite kids I have met

yes...i think every parent gets frustrated at times...that's why we're called parents and not "saints"

thanks..sometimes i may have my moments...still working on the patience thing..it's not coming easy.

My mun used to say , "you just wait, " She was right, what goes around comes around, but guess what, i don't think i'd have it any other way. Kids are sent to us to make memories. ; )

It's really getting difficult for me to find anything, now that the grandkids are grown up---just like with the kids---I always let them just go through all my stuff....It's sensible--if you want to find anything ...you just ask the kids....but except for my one 13 year old great grandchild-- I don't have youngsters rummaging through my stuff any more....The great granddaughter has her much more interesting granny living right down the road from her-- so I don't see her very often. "Sigh" I guess I'm going to have to start rummaging through stuff myself---I am starting to wonder what is in all those boxes in the closets lol.