Part 3: A Social Manifesto (the Kids Aren't Alright!)

Social manifesto:

I feel like there’s something deeper going on with me socially speaking entirelylike it it just… socialy speaking and all of it when i look at it it’s like they say it’s the typical way to get a girl that they advise you to do  and i’m sour on it. be unpredictable.  Erratic. That’s basically their suggestion. it’s not who I am. I love what I love and i’m not filled with insecurities anymore… I saw what happened with Caralee and I never wanted to be that. They do this crap where people think I can’t see through them. You show interest and the other person basically withdraws, plays hard to get and acts confised when you don’t because it’s what we’re conditiionied to do. But what happens when you start to reject modern society and you realize that people’s need to belong is overriding completely rational decisions to the point where the organism is acting against it’s own biological self interest by following it’s social patterning?

What happens when you realize and are disillusioned that at the end of the day we’re all horribly human and mortal and even the people you’re horribly attracted to are NOT immortal and don’t really tower over you? at a certain level  our social patterning is to find someone as well connected as we are and find our way in the world but what happens when you look at what is “Normal?” and you find that all around you the kids AREN’T alright from a fully objective stand point. Biology has been cruel to them. My neighborhoods used to be filled with so much promise and luxury but the truth is that now that we’re out of school they haven’t taught us ANYTHING worth knowing and when I realized just how poorly we were educated I realzied this was also in the way we were conditioned to behave.

Because listen. All around me for the supposedly “more socially aware” creature I see women in relationships with guys who are Dependent on her money wise (This is not really that bad at the end of the day) but when you add in the other aspects it turns into a pain. The guys they ended up with a generally psychologiclaly addicted to some psychoactive substance and not casual users of  it… I.e Pot. Then on top of that they have sour attitudes and don’t really truly help out around the house, don’t work, aren’t trying to make anything of themselves at all and are ugly to boot!

And I hear these guys in the seduction community prattle on and on and on about how women have a higher degree of intuition than men and their social selection strategy is smarter than ours. From an objective poitn of view the need to climb that very social hierarchy is KILLING Them.

enter me. I’m a lone wolf. I was born to tolerate but yet hate loneliness. I’m not at ALL concerned about my status or position in society. I naturally hate society itself and consider it  a great enemy to be ignored, escaped from and  negated. Why? because kids TORMENTED me as a child. I don’t want to BELONG among them. I want to be BETTER than them even if they don’t recognize me as better than them. It’s not about reputation anymore but about FACTS. Who at the end of the day objectIVELY behaved better, kinder, with more justice, with more character?

My friend is DEAD. Her social behavior and need to impress others litterally killed her. IF she hadn’t been thinking with the side of  her head that wanted to impress her passengers I doubt she would have FLOORED just before she went off the bridge. This is the truth. It’s not a “fun” truth that even I enjoy.

I’m disconnected from a culture I’m a protester too. My own peers….  I don’t want to belong among them. I just want to find somewhere whereI don’t have to think about them judging me. Because they always do but then they have to tell me about if as if i’m not soured enough on thier point of view.

When you’re young and you want ot belong few people are wise enoguh to realize whats happening all around them. The world is an illusion trying to change them. Well what is happening around them? Everyone is struggling to “Fit in” an we tend to select the mates that “fit in” the best. But some people learn what you call confidence tricks (matchstick men)in which they learn to feign higher social value than they actually have and more or less when all is said and done you have jealous, self centered control freaks who dominate the social scene and guys like me who consider them plague, but we’re on our own.

And that’s the truth. We went our own way a long time ago. We’re not after “belonging” to a society we’re BETTER than… That game was over for me by the time I was 13 and realized if I let them they’d lead me straight to an early grave. Look at what lee camp said about it. He said that A college aged frat boy who was well connected had gotten famous trying to give himself a beer enema and ending up a hospital. We’re on the edge of fetishizing stupidity and making it a fashion statement and “Cool” the  underbelly of youth culture in the united states is not hard to notice even when you’re IN it. It’s disturbing;. Profoundly so.

For all the orders of genius and social knowledge and social capital and awareness of it at what point does a mammalian intelligence realize that it’s time to severe ties with that very same culture and look for others who have realized this truth: what is normal is not healthy.. It will kill you if you let it. madness you say? Rejecting the VERY peer group you belong to. But that would be the healthy response to our slow steady systematic suicide. I don’t want to “Belong” to a sick and dying culture. I want to tower over it or form a  NEW culture. 

ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Nov 27, 2012