In local news, Due to high taxing. Salt is now scarce, and terrible cooks around the world can rejoice. Now everyone's food will taste bland.

According to the magazine "Assuming BS Me and You" the above sentence is a hoax!

Also just in!! There is a new tolerance for gays in ALL churches!! *RainBow Weddings* Galore!

In sports, The miami dolphins have yet to lose a game this season!

In the political world, Obama's party choice has changed, he is now a Tea Party member and so is found to be White!
(he has reverse Vitiligo)

In entertainment news Lady Gaga is actually an undercover nun working for the Vatican!

Now, to the weather! Global warming is saving lives everyday by providing more and more water to the polar ecosystem!

This just in! Blood diamonds are no longer available in Africa! You will now have to go to your local dealer.

This has been "A.A" TV (******** Anonymous)

Thank You for Watching! :)

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