And I'm Going to Start Here!

Seriously! I spend all this time clicking the "Me Too!" and then tacking on unsolicitied and rambly advice to the end of other people's stories, and never writing any myself. It's a little poor in terms of the contribution aspect, I think.

For a moment, I was contemplating making this "will write a story for every Experience"... but really, there's not always something worth sharing for each and every single Experience. ;)

And this, right here, is the start of Writing More Experience Project Stories!

edited to add:
So, what do people think is a good ratio of stories to experiences? I've managed to drag mine up to roughly 1 story per 10 experiences so far...
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How do I replace the standard experience pics with one of my own choice? I gather from this I am not limited to experiences I have written. Since I am bedridden I think I could be of some use in this manner.

Well, to quote Mick Jagger, "It's the singer, not the song." And to quote Keith Reid, "The words have all been read by those before me, we're taking turns in trying to pass them on." Whether it's an experience or a story or a coda on somebody else's story, it's all about gettin' in tune and layin' a nice riff on the beautiful people.

Maybe you could get promoted to the position of Official Pic Hunter, for all the experiences whose founders have been completely inactive for ... i dunno... three months? Could be fun. Could also be a hugely unsatisfying waste of time given that those experiences are usually dead ;) And I'll make a note of that for future reference.... MSP requires warm-up period! see, I enjoy finding the missing pics for all of these experiences, so between us all I see a good team. LOL Just the right mix... write what you can when you can<br />
<br />
Disclaimer: MSP comments not as interesting at 6:30am

I like your rambling unsolicited comments...

I agree with EPErica. A lot of times I'll click "me too!" I'll go back and add my stories when I'm in more of a mood to "elaborate" (if you will). I still have some out there that have no stories, but eventually they will ;-)

Don't underestimate the power of commenting on other people stories, commenting is necessary just as much as writing. <br />
As for ratio, I agree there isn't always something to say, but thinking about each experience and making sure you write about the ones you DO have something to say on is the best way to go, I think.