I'll Try..

It seems like its really easy to click the "Me Too" button but not as easy to think of (or write down) reasons why you clicked it. I like reading everyone else's stories so I don't really feel the need to post mine. I will share more though now, because if one person is touched by something I wrote, it makes it worth it.
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Quote TardyDodo 'Everyone has something unique and interesting to say' Freind, consider also 'controversial'? I am still trying to work up sufficient 'courage' to 'Post' some of My own stories, especially where certain 'spiritual/environmental views are concerned. I have 'annoyed' and 'ran off' freinds over these things where I live, and to avoid that on EP, I first must understand wether or not I would be 'ridiculed' for certain things. this is why I first post 'replies to the groups that I agree with to see what the feed back is. If after a time no on line 'inflammation' or condemnation occurs then I work up the courage to 'Post'.

PS: Tis always good to rate stories too! :)

Everyone has something unique and interesting to say! :D Just by posting your story here, you made me feel glad that I this group in the first place and that it's still serving some purpose! :)