My Escape, My Therapy

Today is one of those days that I'm emotionally and physically drained from overthinking and overanalyzing things in my life. 

To escape, I randomly pick an experience in my profile and start writing about my thoughts on it. 

Sometimes its senseless babble.  Sometimes its something painful that I need to let out.  And sometimes its something that I'm in denial
about and seeing my feelings and thoughts written out forces me to take ownership of it and face it head on.

Denial has had a permanent existence in my daily life.  I don't like to be unhappy.  If I hurt, I cry and ready or not, I move along quickly as to
pretend what happened never really happened.  So far this strategy hasn't really worked well for me as I've got too many vent up emotions
that it resurfaces when I least expect it.  This causes big shifts in my moods and also the reason why I don't have a healthy sleep pattern either. 

I don't expect to find answers or solutions to my problems by writing.  Writing allows me to refocus on something else at the moment so I
can take a break from my real worries. 

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Aug 3, 2010