The Child In Me

Christmas is coming ...
I remember well when I was a child, weeks before Christmas I would start to make gifts to present my family and some friends, I would make flower out of paper or paint soaps to make it nicer, steal flowers from strange gardens or give something away that I most liked, just to see people smile. I would fill it with heart-forms papers and wrap it with newspaper colored by me.
I remember at Christmas eve, from the window I would look at the sky waiting for Santa Claus in his sleigh to pass by, guided by his reindeer. 
I remember I would go to friend‘s house and see them getting present and deep inside I was hoping Santa Claus would have remembered me too. Unfortunately not, I was a good child though, but he didn’t know I existed.
I thought at the time there were so many problems in the world and that even stray bullets could have hit an inocent good old man. There were more important people than just a child longing for a git, a gift of love.
Times have changed and I also have changed...
Now I am here thinking how I wish it were all different...
I don’t see the world through a rose-colored glasses, nor as an inocent child. I see that the world looks sick. So many people getting involved with drugs in a world of appearances and violence. So many parents don‘t educate their children and end up visiting them in jail. So many lovely and caring parents suffering for seeing their children taking a bad path and they can’t do anything against it. So many parents and children who can not be together due the circumstances of life. So many „human beings“ destroying nature and animals thereby threatening their own lives. So many indifferent and selfish people towards the suffering of others, only concerned with themselves.
But Christmas is coming...
A date we all seek to renew the hopes, new love and life. Where the sun would shine our paths. I didn’t have stop looking at the sky, I still love to look at the moon and the shining stars and dream in my mind.  But I have stopped waiting for miracles and I started to appreciate life more and to believe in the miracles of good hearts from people around me. People who come into my life and leaves eternal marks, emotions of love, respect, and admiration. People I will love forever...
I grew up in a world I didn’t ask for, but since I can remember I have always crave to live and love. I also have learned that things are not always as my eyes can see or want to be. And that some people will hurt me no matter what good I can do for them or not. I have learned to be „strong“ and to see that what I  feel in my heart is that I have being truth to myself and to them. This is what matters.
Today, I have realized that the little girl from that Christmas time, who looked through the window lives inside of me still... And she still believes in better days and plant her dreams today in fertile lands, so it can bloom and harvest for tomorrow, for a new day.
So Christmas is coming...
But it doesn’t have to be only Christmas...
We could say, tomorrow is coming...
Everyday should be seen as a special day...
Not only the little girl, but the woman today in me wants a better world. Life can be much more beautiful if we all start working for a fairer world where we all can live, a world of love and happiness for each one of us.
Everyday we should feel as Christmas, we should take a minute to look inside of us and get through our emotions. Take a minute to be the truly you and don’t be afraid to show your heart. Take a minute to show someone how you really feel. It doesn’t have to be a material gift, not even a homemade one, sometimes the words „I love you“ can be magic and make a big difference, it can fill a heart with endless joy. You never know if tomorrow you will see them again.
Not only for Christmas, but for everyday...
I wish each one of you a fortunate Xmas, full of renewals. Where hope grows in the fertile lands of your heart and that the good seeds of love and peace grow and brings good fruit into your life.
Tender kisses in your heart.
I love you
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11 Responses Dec 17, 2010

Now I know<br />
Thank you TEP<br />
<br />
You are so beautiful

I forgot how much I missed the beauty that is inside of you my friend Hugs and Merry Christmas

that was a truly inspiring story!! Why can;t we be that way everyday of the year instead of just at xmas like you say!!!!! you said a mouthful!!!

Wish you a Merry Christmas and may this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life! ....:)

Wow. You are beautiful thriugh and through, Princess. Thank you so much for all the love and beauty you spread :)

Princess this is so beautiful, i have a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye yet a big smile on my face. I love you so much you truly are an angel. You spread such joy and inspiration. xxx

And that little girl has turned into a beautiful woman Princess! Merry Christmas....may it be filled with the love you give others.

yes..u know tp,i watched a movie today--not saying the title but i ll say something that it said there n i wrote it in my diary ''There is so much beauty,to give up''-it meant that u shouldn give up coz we see some things that sometimes makes us feel that ''we sleep n need to wake up'' but theres so much beauty around us really...we just need to look.<br />
<br />
i love reading ur stories always,lots of hugs n love*♥

Just beautiful, Princess. Love radiates from you, and I know that you are helping to change the world for the better just by the energy of your love. Wishing peace and love and light to you.

I Love you and feel so grateful that you are here sharing your beautiful thoughts and feelings with us.

Beautiful :)