I think that writing is really no more than rambling with words; letting them wind and bend along my thoughts. Random and silly at times, I don't judge them, I just let them be and let them go free and go where they need to go.

I am not a verbal rambler and I sometimes try to monitor my written words in the same way that I speak. My biggest problem in writing is editing WHILE I am writing. I need to write and NOT edit or judge it. I need to let the words flow like the water over the reservoir dam. I can watch and hear them but I cannot stop them. 

I am beginning to believe and ACT on the belief that writing is like having diarrhea of the mouth with my fingers on the keyboard vomiting out my inner thoughts and feelings. I will write today. I will write tomorrow...as long as I can think, I will write.

Missalaineyeus Missalaineyeus
46-50, F
May 17, 2012