All Kinds of Things

I've always had this knack for radio contests. I've won all sorts of things over the years ranging from Cd's to tickets. Some of the places I've gone include The Harlem Globe Trotters, Tennis Matches, Baseball games, and concerts. Here are a few of my favs though...

Concert tickets to Def Leppard that included a yacht trip with them around the bay.

Reba and Brooks and Dunn Concert tickets

Bruce Springsteen (four, took mom, aunt and sister in law)

Hillary Duff ~ I went to work knowing that I needed to win tickets for that night to surprise my daughter. I told one of the guys and he laughed, until I won. I took her downtown telling her I had to pick something up for my boss and when I produced the tickets she almost cried. Her first concert.

Footloose Broadway Show and then I ran her to the stage exit and when the cast came out they fell in love with her excitement. They let her get into their limo and hang for a bit and autographed a poster for her.

Grease on Ice ~ Again, when my oldest was an only child, they also had a talent contest before hand and she dressed as Sandy. She was one of the youngest.

Outback for fathers day ~ I took my daughter and the X, it was for $75 and I had to write a story for it.

Melting Pot and Jewelry ~ $250 to a local jewelers and  and dinner for two for me and my Valentine.. yep you guessed it, my daughter. It was inclusive and upon entering we were given roses and when we left gift bags from Bath and Body Works. Wrote another story for this one.

I know there have been many more but these are some of the ones that stand out.

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How about I work it out in trade?

Ok Brut... Alli is driving. WHoo hoo!

I have never been to Vegas either. I think we might be the last two people in America that haven't...

Never been... we have a casino night at our holiday party each yr but w/ 700 ppl there it's just too crowded to play