my friend lives in the country and showed me his homemade one piece snowsuit that he uses to go out to play,which i thought so what then when i seen it my jaw dropped,because there is a iner lineing made from the same material used to make tarps and a outer shell with the tarp material and it looked and felt weird when he's in it he said he's warmer than in a regular suit,since being in the country when his mom made the suit she put the zipper on the back so he had be zipped and unzipped by someone,no one would know about the suit,but i think it is abuse since he can't take it off. he mom made me one but with the zipper in front and after being out playing in the cold for several hours i was still warm and dry.
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i have several similar snowsuits and other "all-in-one" outfits that my mom handmade to fit me, back when i was in my late teens. which, most of them still fit me even now, almost 40 years later.<br />
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and in my case, my mom made sure all of my store-bought and the ones she hand-made, zipped up in the rear. yet, i never ever felt like it was anykind of "abuse". it was simply the way those outfits were made back then. plus, my mom once told me that they zipper was in the back, to make sure i didn't take them off without her permission. ironically, she also happened to mention how the zipper in the back made it impossible for me to try reaching inside the front of my diapers and **********. <br />
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eversince then, i've developed a "fetish" for anything that zips up in the rear or side. seems like, i got a unique kind of sexual thrill from being zipped up in the rear, and i've always found myself enjoying another one of my "auto-erotic ejaculations", everytime my mom pulled the zipper up. and, even nowdays, everytime my wife zips me up in the rear....i ***! what a great way to start out wearing something!<br />
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it took me a while and i thought that it's not abuse, it was about permission. and she hade me wear one with the zipper on back and it felt weird but i got used to it and it felt good.

how would your mom make a store bought snowsuit zip in the back?did she sew over the zipper and put it in the back??