I Have Twelve Summer Pysch Interns

The wisdom and energy of youth is always welcomeed in my field. Ofte their views are prejudiced by life's experiences. They have to look at the purity of reason.

They are a great bunch. Will all make fine pyschologists some daY.

retiredfather retiredfather 61-65, M 3 Responses Jul 11, 2009

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Dear ablmu65, we were not put here to amuse our children. They were put here to amuse us lol. Grown grandchildren are your strongest allies--:) Second strongest allies-- the inlaws--rotfl---Grandma in'law's are not the same thing as mother in'law's hahahaha.. Now that both my son's in'laws are grandfathers themselves, they too have become my allies. As my oldest daughter is eagerly awaiting the title of "Matriarch"--she has become a lot more interested in me---hahaha everyone should live to be really old! I've never had so much fun in my life. If your daughter is an "Only" you have nothing to fear, onlys usually take good care of their dottering old parents:). Don't put the idea of a "basement" in her head--Guest cottage or granny apartment -- much better. My oldest daughter already has both--all I have to do is mention that I'm getting ready to move in with her--and it brings her right to heel. :) hehehehe with the younger one, I tell her, I'm putting my application in for an apartment up by the grand canyon. For some reason-Olders actually plan on eventually having you close- as much as they dread it.<br />
Youngers are afraid you might run away :) they should be so lucky.

I keep telling my daughter that she will need to make sure she has a big house with a large room in the basement for me to live in. I don't think she is amused.

Both of my daughters now have their degrees in psychology---I just love when they diagnose me--so far, I am bi polar, narcissistic, schizophrenic, and am blessed with a severe case of some kind of incurable personality disorder. Lucky for me I have TWO count them--psychologists. We all agree that as I am hopeless, NO MEDICATION is indicated. Because of my age, they are eagerly awaiting for dementia to appear. The youngest has stated her desire to arrange for a caretaker for me--next step--the old folks home.<br />
Hahaha I told her, #1 you will have to catch me. #2 If you mess with me, I will become a bag lady and embarrass the devil out of you :) We now have peace. Both daughters, don't want to give up their favorite house sitter, pet sitter and baby sitter. :) Who knows, I might live long enough to learn how to spell.