I could write

my love in your heart

and perfume your soul

with my scent.


I could feel the taste

of your skin in mine

your lips walking on me

always, untill the dawn.


I could draw

my curves straight

on your body,

to kiss your life.


I could be the dreams

to take you in my fantasies

and live forever.


I could make you

to fall in love with me

in this moment of passion.


I could be your reality

to love you so on the light

of the moonlight.


I could be a song

a passion of love

to give you a love

full of emotions.


I could steal your heart

and return it

with my magic.

Intoxicating softly

in my senses...


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4 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Dreaming, happiness! Beautiful! Smiles

amazing :]

its a great poem, I believe you could do all those things quite easily too!

Beautiful :)