I Am Worth It

A woman is revered and venerated not only for her essence, her being, her scent, but also for her beauty, her curvaceous form, and her resilient breasts and her resilient buttocks. A beautiful, classy and intelligent woman is the perfect precious prize for a man and he loves, adores and worship. To worship a lady is to regard her as a beautiful Goddess of adoring reverence or regard. A woman craves for attention and wishes being idolized. She recognizes that he who worships her is much stronger and more capable gender.

A woman is revered not in a theocratic religious way but in way that acknowledges her importance recognizing that she is by no means a perfection.

On a more personal level here is what I mean:

I come home. You greet me. I seem tired and exhausted. I sit down on the couch. You smile, glad that she is home. You adjust the lights. You see me smile. I close my eyes to enjoy your attention. I am happy. You are happy. You tenderly rub my thighs, my feet, my breasts; you place your palm firmly on my womanly core, and inhale the scent from your palm. I look at you. How sensuous! How romantic! Everything petty melts away. When you are done, I smile at you. You are happy.

I say that was wonderful. I sound contended. I palm your head and nudge you in my thighs and let you inhale my feminine core essence. Your inside warms up with delight. I say, I love you.

I am now a goddess. You just want me to be happy. I am. And now I am yours too. You look at me, a quick glance, and a sexual glance. A smile bursts out of my face and will not go away.

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Sunny,<br />
You are exactly right. A treat.<br />

@Nabzapokov, I am sorry to hear she is your ex, seems you really loved her exquisite smell and taste if you wore her essence as a cologne.

I could not agree more. I have actually applied the "pure essence" like a cologne (not the excited one that would cause everyone to know) and worn it to work. I loved how my ex smelled and tasted.

@firestarter, sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder, some woman disappointed you it seems, if so my heart goes out to you.. But you look so handsome, sexy and smart, all women must be chasing after you. i am positive. Thanks for visiting the page.

@guy10, you have written on this board before, it makes sense to come visit as often as you like cause I know you love to adore woman and worship them for all they are worth. Check out my other story with similar theme but with a picture of a man worshipping her Goddess.

I know that I am coming late to this discussion SB, but I want to tell you that I have always thought that that is the natural order of nature: man should worship his woman like the Goddess that she is...

@FL, perfect ending of a perfect come home greeting, from work. See you again in bed on the weekend. Wonder what's awaiting for me.. It's date.

I can really identify with the feelings. My wife doesn't fully understand the hold she has on me to just cradle her body and smell the scent of her skin. I will do anything she wants and she knows it.

There you go, sendittome !! Isn't that what this site if all about , so let's hear some of those experiences you have had. Most men write bits and pieces , I am interested in what you have to say.. about those good ole days.. Relive in the past if the present is unpleasant or something..

Sendittome, think about the good ole days you have had with her or your first soul mate. When you read erotic experiences do you feel something down below, I hope so. Enjoy reading others' experiences and post your own fantasies or your past experiences.. That would perk you up.

Well put what every lover wants and needs !!!!!!!!!

Aww Bonnie i would love to nibble your toes...... And a few other things as well :)

Good to hear from you, sum4me. Not too many men practice the foot worshiping. You have the right idea. Kissing and licking a woman's toes give some men instant ***** that leads to a great wild sex.

its a mans job to worship he's woman and make her feel special , given her a foot massage kissing your toes your legs your body making you feel like a princess

Lovely story. Just adds to the list of why it is better being a female....giggle. After a hard days work, it would be really nice to have someone take care of me. I would also love to reciprocation and take care of them. I sooo wish I was a female.

I think the main advantage to the ********* (and she's entertaining the idea of 3 or 4 guys) is that there are very few men out there who could wear her out individually unless she just had a succession of one on one encounters with just a few minutes between. So multiple guys just would give it to her very rapidly and she would love it. Personally I would love to see her for once in her life say "Okay! I can't take any more! I've had my fill!" <br />
<br />
The reason my wife can do this is that she can separate her emotions and take it as a physical act only. I would liken her attitude to that of a hooker except that she does it for pleasure and not a job. She would rapidly lose interest if it were a job. She loves attention from men and the more the merrier.<br />
<br />
I doubt you would find any shortage of lovers Bonnie and having them in quick succession might be the thing for you? We're all different and I think that makes life interesting :)

BlueB, glad to hear that you have fulfilling wife.. I am glad to see you on EP. Nothing wrong with spicing your life with EP girls. Most of us are here for the same reason. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for sharing your opinions and thoughts. For some ********* works but for me it just doesn't . I want one on one attention, I'll take those two guys one by one and get twice the pleasure than a ********* can offer. I have nothing against 3sum so I am not knocking it.

Well Bonnie my marriage is anything but sexless and I always tell the truth as I have nothing on here to gain by lying. My wife is sexy and loves sex more than almost anything. I can't possibly give her more than she can take. That's one reason I am allowing her to have three-somes etc. I want to see her happy and ******* until she's had her fill. <br />
<br />
So I'm not some horny old codger who blames his wife for no sex :) I get more than I can handle and believe me I try my damnedest. What I can't do one way I do another and will for as long as any appendage on my body is working lol I come on here only for some creative release and sharing of opinions and experiences, not to try and find a lover in a physical sense. You're a gem little lady.

Hi Bon,<br />
The words of this story touches my soul! These are the things shared with my love on every occasion possible. I have no problem sharing my feelings and and love in so many special ways. I want to read more of the threads when I have the convenience of a computer and will. I just the urge to commentm what you have written is "perfect"m dc :-)

Hi Pamper, I know you for ages and have read your stories on how you have and continue to worship your wife, she is a great woman, I know you worship her any way, any how you can. I also know , she adores you , returns your love just as much as you offer her. Yes its a give and take relationship. The more you give the more you will receive. Each woman needs her space too. We women love to be reassured daily not because we are demanding , we are just insecure and don't wanna admit it. <br />
<br />
I have admired your love for me and I am grateful. The more I am being loved online or otherwise, the more I shine. If I am happy , I can make you all happy, if I am miseries I know I'll have your support. That's the best part of EP. <br />
<br />
Thank you Pamper. Love and Kisses.

That's good to hear, blueberry. I hope you are telling the truth and nothing but the truth. More power to you. I know of lot of online men who swear by it.. but in real life.. I am not sure. I take your word for it. There are ton of men in here who blame their wives for sexless marriage.

From my personal experience, I work much longer hours than my wife. But when we come in I make her some tea and slip her shoes and socks off while she sits at the computer to unwind. When I'm available I make her breakfast, dinner etc and wash up the dishes most days. She thinks I spoil her but to me she's worth it.

Elise.. sure it will.. have a little faith, you got what it takes.. You are IT.

Hi Rusty,<br />
<br />
Thanks for your kind words towards us. We all need more men like you to look after us. We are all that much worhy. Men like you make us shine, bring sunshine in our lives, make us admire you more and more each and every day. We are your possession. Give us some love and we will return same many times over.

I enjoy worshipping a woman......havent had many chances to do that, but really enjoyed the few that I did. Thanks for a great story.

My wife is my Goddess. but I think that every woman in the world should be idolised, for all the things you said.......and more. Woman are Life itself. <br />
I disagree on one point, that of men being the superior gender ?? I would like to know why you believe this LOL

Wonder and Pat, you both are right , you two got the jest of what I am saying. To a man his woman is more than just a sexual being.. is really what I am trying to say...<br />
<br />
I'll write more when I have some time.. For now I wanted to acknowledge your views and I thank you for commenting as such.

I know the type of "worship" you are describing here is not the type that threatens men. I know most men would interpret "worship" as a weakness. What you are describing is a "surrender" on both sides. The perfect situation, the ultimate. So many relationships revolve around one trying to dominate the other in some way. And this can be very subtle. <br />
<br />
If this is in fact, your current situation, you are a lucky woman indeed.

Lots of comments on this one! You really know how to captivate an audience!<br />
<br />
I subscribe to the "both sides of the story" crew. That is to say, I really admire your words, "To worship a lady is to regard her as a beautiful Goddess of adoring reverence or regard." I believe it, I wouldn't ever want to be committed to a woman that I cared about any less. When I love a woman, I will do anything for her. I will wake up half an hour before she leaves for work in the early AM to get her the car so she doesn't walk the streets at odd hours. I'll build her furniture so that she has every modern comfort she needs in her own home. I'll treat her body with the kind of passion that only true love can produce, and make her feel more wanted and desired than any other man can offer.<br />
<br />
But that's only one sided, so far. True love has no expectations. That means she doesn't need or ask me to do any of it. No matter what she already thinks I'm perfect just for who I am. I just do these things because I am her man, and I wouldn't have her feeling any less than perfect as long as I can provide it. But her feelings are mutual, and even though I never say anything or ask for it, she knows how to please me. She could tell in the past that I was genuinely smiling when she touched me that way, when she set the right mood with that song, when she cooked me the sweetest dish, or when she just gave me that perfect smile and look in her eye. She is my goddess, and to her I am her god. That does sound too religious, for me. Lets just say she's my Queen, and I am her King, but even that has a feeling of hierarchy. We have no duty to each other, we're just madly in love. I'll always try to be strong enough for the both of us, but she always surprises me with her own strength and capabilities. She's worth every second of my attention =)<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing your post!

Bonnie is always a creative woman

Hi Terri, it's okay if you had missed it. Now you got such a pleasant treat, glad you enjoyed it. Check out my latest on "sorry to have missed your call" Funny I thought..

Thank you Billy.

with the body i see in your avaitar pic who wouldnt worship you

Bonnie you sound as though you are totaly in love with him. He must be someone really special and he is certainly a very lucky man to to have found you.

Thanks Bonnie, I share your excitement and it is so thrilling especially it is something forbidden.. you are right there is no who is right and what is wrong and what is right. The same goes with me.. We both are aware of our differences in background (culturally) yet held high respect and appreciation to both our state of mind body and soul. Having said that we mutually orchestrate the effort to discover the energy together to our fullest content.

Sugar and Spice, I am into a relationship where he is not only physically stimulating but intellectually very sharp and wise. From the surface you can't tell how it will all work out until you bring out the real person behind the key board. I made a concerted effort on bringing out his persona and what I discovered.. omg.. he is a gold mine, I love him. He worships me as a man needs to worship a woman. What is right and what is wrong, who is right and who is wrong are meaningless phrases in our world. I am his and he is mine.... that's all that matters.<br />
<br />
Sugar you are worth it, so am I and so is she.

Four months ago I was devastated fishing for the idea to meet someone who can not only stimulates me physically but intellectually as well... somehow my wish came true. I met someone who has opened my cage and worshiped me to the maximum and I had the BEST moment of my life being energized over and over and over I had never known I have.<br />
<br />
Lesson learned be careful for what you wish for it will come true...<br />
<br />
Now I am a happier woman felt really worth it as how Bonnie described well...

I would worshipyou with my lips... for hours

Mtvlm, thank you for you loving comments, thats exactly how I see a relationship between a woman and her lover. Read more of my stories to see how I see my love partner.

Women are to be worshiped by their men, for they are goddess and for the most part it is when a man treats his woman like a goddess then she will treat him like a god. Being a goddess in someones eyes does not mean perfection in the literal sense, I take it to mean that with the love and desire between the two there is a union that the minor things are not seen and ignored.<br />
<br />
For me treating my lover as a goddess is what I want to do, it is seen as a chore by me or that it requires money. It is making sure she is comfortable and doing some of the things for her that make her feel special, if only to me.<br />
<br />
Great post....

It6 would be nice to find a man like that. Might even get me to consider settling down. Maybe...

Now I think I am really worth it. Thank you for your compliments Coach. Hold my hand and let's take a morning walk in the park while birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, little critters are waking up and morning dew is sparkling. I love a morning stroll holding hands, occasionaly being pulled into your embrace and fondle.

Sunshine, you are worth it. You have earned it and you deserve it. We all deserve it. That's what we have come to expect from our man. He will reap his labor, I guarantee it.

I agree a woman is meant to be treated as goddess. I have given mine the key to my cb and she is very happy.

Bonnie. <br />
I completely agree with all the sentiments in your story. The woman is the stronger sex both mentally and physically. Women should to be worshiped by men and treated with total respect. This is exactly how I would wish to treated if I were a woman. It is how I treat my partners. I adore the female form, their sensuality, there sexuality and their emotions.

Awwww. Thank you. *hugs* <br />
<br />
Damn, you may become my go-to girl for girltalk. LOL He brings up so much emotion in me. May have to talk to you about it eventually.

Sarah, you already know who HE is.He is hopelessly in love with you sexually and other wise. I wish both nothing but best wishes and a whole lot of luck.

Being on both sides of gender, I really understand that. I want to do that for my woman. And I want to have a special man who will do it for me, treat me like his goddess. <br />
<br />
I adored my ex-girlfriend and did everything I could to make her happy.<br />
<br />
Now that I am in touch with the feminine side of myself I didn't know existed, I really want another to do that for me, to adore and cherish and worship me, to make me feel special and loved all the time. I deserve a man who's as good to me as I was to her. (And of course, I'll be VERY good to him in return.)

Exactly Miss Bonnie!

Aww !! Bob, you are so kind and you surely know to worship a woman. Your wife is a lucky woman to have you as her husband.

Great story! I'm really turned on by the idea of serving a woman in a similar way to how you describe.<br />
<br />
This is what I would do for you, when you returned home tired after a long day. I'd run you a nice hot bath, with some essential oils and decorate the bathroom with scented candles. I'd put some soothing music on and when the bath was ready, I'd sprinkle some rose petals into it and then escort you through, undressing you and helping you into the bath. I'd fetch you a nice cold glass of wine and wait while you relaxed. When you were ready, I would get into the bath with you and gently wash you from head to toe. When you were throughly clean, I'd fetch a warm towel and wrap it around you as you got out of the bath, and gently caresse your body until it was dry. Then, I'd escort you to the bedroom, lay you down on the bed and offer to serve you in any way you desired.<br />
<br />
And yes, you would be well worth it!

That is nicely said - something I wish to happen to me in future (damn my ex wasn't such a lover anyway). Still shopping for something match my desire and intellectual interests lol.<br />
<br />
Yes I agree with you<br />
<br />
I am worth it!<br />
<br />
Thanks for the add, will add you too dear.

Women are meant to be worshipped

that you haven't experienced it....but then if you will read my story in I am so confused might get you an idea............