Protecting the Love We Create & Why We Should

If each of us keeps faith with the Love we have tried to help happen here in the Earth then we will be able to accomplish the Heaven on Earth state of being we all crave.  There is nothing wrong with wanting good for each and everyone but you have to protect it.

We lose faith each time it seems the good and true, falls ... And, the wicked things seem to rise and prosper.  We never support the good the way we support bad.  Have you ever noticed how we expect good to protect itself and if it cannot win on its own, we just walk away? But if it is bad or just a little off color we tend to somehow just accept it as the Status Quo? And, we will defend the bad...

I for one do not like all the profanity in American movies, Tv, Cable, etc.  But, if you say something about it people look at you as though you are some strange animal.  My parents (both sets of them) never spoke profanity in my face or within my ear shot ever!

I think it is a type of rape when parents do this to their children.  Not intentional, but still to me it is a rape. Why would you introduce this type of lauguage to an innnocent?  Is it just that your parents did it to you? And, you just don't have any self control?  Or you are maybe a little jealous of this new innocent? Or maybe we just do not believe in the good things and types of Love we profess so loudly must have? 

It is the same thing with many other seemingly small or large occurences in our human environment.  If enough murders are committed daily then murder becomes status quo.  If rape is committed daily then rape becomes status quo.  Where is the Love in this?

Where in this are we making, selecting, and growing the Love needed to protect our world?  How are we backing up and supporting the few people that really try to make the Loving difference?

I Love that Christ died for my sins.  But I always wonder what would have happened if the majority of the people at that time had have said, " NO, you will not kill him! No, you will not crucify him! He is our beloved teacher and Savior.  We will all stop you or die trying if we have to, so stop!"  I know he had to fulfil a purpose ... but what if?

Yes, Rome would have come to crush them but followers of Christ would have accomplished even more because then we would not have had all these false prophets coming forth teaching what they thought Christ meant.  Read Revelations, it states very clearly that the major religions of the world have lied to the Creators' children and caused his children to commit sins and iniquities in their ignorance.  It also states that they will be sent letters of destruction and their great churches will crumble & fall due to their deceptions.

We need to support Love and protect it. Only then will we ever discover what has been taken and how to rebuild what has been lost.  You cannot continue to go along with the status quo and think to be safe. If you do not stand for something you will fall for anything.  Why would we continue this circle of self defeat in the Earth any longer? 

I know we have to start small and build on this as we go.  The thing is that we all have to start in small ways of not accepting the status quo. It is what Christ did.  And, maybe were not chosen to do as he did, but I believe we chose to come and support that light or we would not be here.

Your purpose is to keep growing the true and balanced self Love of your soul and to let others grow their selfworth in Love, too!  Then as we grow together the Christ Consciousness (LOVE) spreads all over the place.  Then we might have a chance for a True Heaven on Earth.  A Heaven you really just might want to be a part of ...  Now wouldn't that be a real reason to try our very best???

Peace, Blessings and  Much Love!

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Yes, but even Jesus said... if we had but the faith of a mustard seed we could do as he did. We, you, me & everyone has been taught incorrectly. We could do it if we all Loved ourselves & this universe totally...every inch of it and all the creations within jt. <br />
We always sell ourselves short...He did not. If we would stop trying to be these Perfect Creatures and start trying to be vessels of Perfect Love we could make it just fine. The only perfect ones in my book are the Creator/s and his son Jesus. <br />
Hugs & Love, LW

I believe what you say. I also know that every one of us is an inperfect being and so we do inperfect things. Things will never be right on Earth until the Lord comes back to take things in hand. I know we are forgiven if we are repentant. But as much as we try, we are powerless without our Lord, who is NOT inperfect.

Swearing to children is rape. If you follow AA then you are part of a circle that tries to make people do their best only on strength of will.(will power) <br />
Will power without Total Self Love is making it too hard for people to keep their promise to stop their self abuses & abusing other people. Delf Love is what Jesus taught. He taught that you must find Heaven in YOU. How would you know what is it without ever having the experience. Then you spread that Love out to every other thing in Creation<br />
Did you know that when you fight Love you fight him. Forgiveness is something we have to learn by Loving each part of ourselves & forgiving the wrong in us. <br />
You maybe so used to rape of some kind in your life that you may not be able see what rape truly is...personal trespass either mental, physical, or spiritual(religious lies)<br />
I know we are all one in Jesus because he Loves us...but how do you think we will get the Christ consciousness without total self Love??<br />
We all know, especially AA folks, dieting folks, etc., that willpower without Self Love will not work or last. Jesus was raised by his mother who was an Essene, all his concepts of rightrouness and Love come directly from that raising.<br />
Revelations teaches us that the major religions of the world have lied to the people & caused serious sins to happen in the Earth. And the Creator...whom you call God will bring those churches down. Every religion on this Earth has been found to do rape the people it serves...Cathoilic, Protestant, Eastern & Middle Eastern, etc., have all lied, misused, and purposely misled the people of the Earth to keep total power, to keep the people used to being poor & disenfranchised so they could keep in good with the rich & powerful(ie - kings, Queens, Prime Ministers, and the Aristocracies)<br />
Did you know that for over 1000 years the Church fostered the belief that Jesus & his 12 were poor. Why?? So the poor majority would not question the rich minority. <br />
All the disciples came from money and landed gentry. I can use the bible to prove this fact.<br />
Go study all the religions I have studied, live my life with husbands who had all types of addictions and know that the Holy Spirit is the comforter that Jesus promised us when he went to the cross. That spirit intervenes for us when we have done wrong or need guidance. They are not one and the same at all.<br />
Do you know why the bible was written in the first place? It is a matter of record in the Catholic church. Do you know that Christians follow Pauls' version of christianity not Jesus' way? Do you know that under Jesus women were given rights to teach & preach? But under Paul those rights were taken away? Do you know that James the Just, brother of Jesus was the elected by Jesus before his appointment with the Cross to run the movement? Every religious istorian in the world knows these you??<br />
Please know that I say these things to adise you that when you believe in things you have not studied, do not how they came about, and you do not fully is called superstition...and superstition is not the way. My own Pastor told us not to believe him but to do our own research. Everything I told you his what can be researched by you or anyone else.<br />
Do you think the Creator would Create this world in Love & not want you to Love everything in it completely...including yourself?? Stop your self rape, Stop living in pain, Love the You he has created completely and give it back to all creation! Have a Fantastic Day!<br />
Hugs & Love, LW

The fact of the matter is that I had an experience in A.A. that made your version obsolete. I have come to know that we are ALL The Christ and that the word "Christ" is the same as forgiveness and that Christ and The Holy Spirit is one and the same. Some would call it "New Age" but the Buddhists call it Nirvana. Swearing is NOT a type of "rape" Ego is not Self, it just pretends to be. Without ego, there's still someone who likes chocolates or avoids cooked carrots, who cusses up a storm or speaks very gently, but it's still someone who represents a unique snowflake of God's power operating through one individuated form. However when people on The Path do things that abuse and ruin the minds and hearts of someone that does not know any better THAT"S when it becomes a rape and that's when my Father's House becomes a den of thieves.

no i have never loss faith in god our savior,<br />
but will he forgive all my sin's or the way i live my life?<br />
they say yes. but i think not.<br />
when howard see my life and the way i lead it?<br />
i will be sent too hell. going to sunday mass or not