All Children Need and Safety

I wish all children are protected in a hug of an feel that they are loved and safe..that someone cares for them..i wish there is someone there for them to assure them that they are so beautiful and deserve the best..that they are safe...

No matter what i wish not even a tear to fell from a child's eyes..And whoever tries to hurt them or think to do it Dont!!Children are a gift..the most wonderful gift..Dont make them not feel safe,dont make them feel that they are not loved..

Hug them tight,strong to feel it deep in their hearts..

Dear angel..protect all children in ur hug**

annasangels annasangels
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im glad coz they deserve that..

You are so right.. <br />
<br />
You know what Angel, I've been hugging even more my kids since I met you..

patricia wolff?

Patricia Wolff, may very well be an Angel walking among us inviting others to follow in her steps ... I contribute to our local food bank, there are children everywhere who are starving.

i m sure u are a great mom

yeah i know tp*

no,hes always there for u

i understand what u say Mitch..and S.s sometimes all we can do is wish..i know thats good too..

MitchAndMaureen,your point is accurate and well taken. Awareness is a step towards change. Maybe one of the posted comments will make a parent, babysitter or neighbor think before making a bad decision regarding a child. Some small improvement is better than nothing.

Childhood should be filled with love, adventures and security. This world would be a better place if.adults could look back on childhhod and remember happiness. Too many people remember pain, uncertainty and fear. How can one pass on nurturing and unconditional love when it wasn't experience in the formative years?

yeah..but especially children..they shouldnt be afraid,but to feel that someone loves them

I wish that could be true I am able to protect my children but the safety of others children is still something that troubles me greatly.

:-) Not just children, everyone!