~Happy F'n Mothers Day!~

I am going to take a brief moment to tell the story of one of my favorite personal Mothering experiences. Back when our children were at that silly awkward age when they all want to use dirty words for their shock value, I held a rather unconventional intervention. I decided to put a stop to this F word business. Now please understand where I am coming from. This was not because I am oppositional to all forms of the proper usage of curse words, sometimes, we ADULTS need these delicious curse words and NO noncurse word will do. It's just that well brought up children must learn WHEN to appropriately curse and they must learn to use their vocabularies thoughtfully and respectfully, WORDS ARE THINGS says this Mom. They must also learn that certain words are NOT to be used for just any old thing, a vulgar vocabulary renders one verbally impotent in my opinion, for instance.... the constant thoughtless use of the "F" word takes away the words bold identity, and squelches its fiery punch entirely! One must pick and choose their words carefully, even their so called "bad words!"

I am an earthy "word loving" woman, it takes a lot to shock me. When I began to hear my youngest two children saying the "F" word now and then, it struck me that I needed to teach them a lesson without demonizing the word, the word (to me) is not all that bad, not if chosen carefully and used in the proper context at the appropriate moment, it is actually a rather zippy word if you ask me, sometimes I like it. In this Moms opinion no word is bad, it's the careless use and misuse of any word that bothers me, and the especially pungent words must be especially well considered.

One summer evening I heard my son or my daughter (I don't recall which one as they were both guilty of doing this on occasion) use the F word indiscreetly. I decided that was enough! I hesitate to say what age they were exactly, but, they were YOUNG, really young, don't send me hate mail, they grew up just fine. So there!

Anyway when I overheard it that time, it touched the “Mom” nerve in me…I screamed to the top of my lungs (and I am loud) "Go get in the car, that is ENOUGH of that!" They both looked at me with startled faces and big eyes, but seeing the look on my face they marched to the car without complaint and strapped themselves into their seats. I turned around and looked at them and said loudly but very calmly.... "Roll down those windows NOW!" (We live in the country; there was very little traffic in those days) They did as I asked. When I got the car to the bottom of our driveway, I said, "OK, since you guys seem to be in love with the F word, I am going to allow you to say it, say it loudly, proudly and clearly, sing it if you like, yell it, bellow it, celebrate it, f e e l
it in your mouth, spit it out with power and force, get all you can get from this word, because after this, I do not EVER want to hear it spoken in our house coming from your mouths ever again, not until you are too old for groundings at least"

So off we went driving through the country on this gentle summer evening, but, all I heard was silence coming from the back seat.. I told them to use the wind, send those F***s out into the universe with feeling! They looked at each other and began laughing nervously but no one uttered one measly Fn word. "DO IT, this is no pleasure ride, I told them....go on~ get busy, you can say the F word until you want to go home, it will not shock me one bit, enjoy yourselves!" I yelled.

I so wish I had taped this whole f'n event because it was very funny, once they got warmed up, they really got into it, they yelled and screamed and they giggled and laughed, they had quite a merry fn' time until all of their steam ran out and they were finished with the F word entirely...well... at least in the house where Mom could hear it! I did not have this f'n problem with my little children ever again and the reason that I did not was because they knew me, they knew that I had respect for all words, (except certain mean slurs, but that is another story for another time) and they knew that I had a reason for this little f’n jaunt, they GOT my point entirely and they knew I meant exactly what I had said, they understood that if they continued to abuse the F word, they would get super grounded.

My children grew up to respect words and be decent human beings, I quite love them and think they are simply divine!  My son got a degree in communications and became a military officer, and he recanted this story to his young soldiers with happiness in his heart and a healthy respect for the F word.
Happy F’n Mother’s Day! (Bless You)
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4 Responses May 10, 2012

I'm picturing these little kids screaming the f word out the car window.How funny! Too bad you couldn't tape it! It really made me laugh. holy cow. My cursing embarrassed my girls when they were little and i had to stop cursing. They would give me 3 strikes a day. sometimes more. They really don't curse around me and i keep it to a minimum.

It was funny, but back in those days people didn't take videos like they do now! Too bad. :-) thanks for dropping by.

What a hoot! Have a Great F'n Day yourself! LOL So much better than eating soap! Those lessons looked back on with laughter leave a much deeper message than grounding or spanking (as they did in my day). CUDOS to you for being one of a 'different mind'. LOL

Thank You!!! :-))

Teehee, I never was "all there" was I? :-) I figure some folks won't find this story very funny, but I can take it~ it all worked out very well.

**** yeah!

I love it, you are ******' fun!

It IS a good word. And needs to be treated with respect. You taught a very good lesson that day.

Thanks Lilt, you're a fkn doll <3