Kids Don't Always Appreciate You On Mother's Day

I just have to say this out loud! Kids don't always appreciate you! My kids are all grown, and although I know I made mistakes raising my kids, I always sacrificed my needs for them. I was a single mom of five when five kids were teens. It was incredibly hard! I did not rely on anyone else to raise them or to support them, I had to do it on my own, and I did! I worked hard and although they didn't get everything they wanted in life, they did get their needs met.

Now here it is, they are all nearing their 30s and in their 30s, and only my daughter's care enough to even send me a card on Mother's day. Out of every holiday this is the one it bothers me the most. Maybe because, although they don't forget their mother-in-laws, they never think of me. It's so hurtful, I can't even tell you.. I am not even worthy enough to get a card. How do I rate?

I have lived a long distance away from them for the last 5 years. The only child that has come to see me is one of my daughters. The boys are always saying how broke they are, no jobs, blah blah blah but they can find plenty of money to do other things. I find this inexcuseable since I have even offered to pay for the gas to come and visit and they don't want to.

But - when I am back there to visit, they act like things are fine. So are things fine? I somehow don't think so and have no idea on how to approach the subject with them or even if I should at this point.

Very heartbroken I am.
TNLonely TNLonely
51-55, F
May 12, 2012