A Nice Little Mother's Day For Me

May 13,2012
I had to work today, the third day of three 12 hour shifts in a row. I’ve done this for so many years now it really doesn’t faze me anymore. If I had to work 9 to 5 it would drive me insane. I do however attempt not to schedule 3 in a row, but it happens and no big deal. It does get rough on the holidays and today was mother’s day. I am a mother of three great kids.

I had a really bad mother’s day last year, so when I found out I had to work this one, I was not too disappointed. It’s much better to be at work earning weekend pay then to sit around the house bummed out. I could make it fun and mother’s day at church is usually really special, but I did have to work with no real choice in the matter. According to my custody agreement, my son was supposed to be with me through the weekend but since I had to work I didn’t make a big deal of it and had him go to his dad’s as it was his week. We do a joint custody thing one week on and off. I hated it at first. It’s difficult to maintain consistency but when we were married, both of us were nurses working 12-14 hours three days a week. The little guy was not in a terrible situation though; he stayed at his grandmother’s and actually preferred her to us most days. She felt the same way too. I finally came to realize that this was closer to norm for him than what I had planned.

I tried to keep my chin up and not pout or complain. I stayed upbeat all day taking consolation in the fact that I had a good job that I really like. I also appreciated that my children were healthy and relatively happy. Where I work children are quite sick and today in the unit a mother lost her son on mother’s day. This put the whole thing in perspective for everyone at work.

I was very tired when I got home and had not gotten a call from my son. I was debating whether or not to call him. It’s uncomfortable to call over at his dad’s and sometimes they give me a hard time before I can actually talk to him. It’s good to hear his voice but slightly awkward. I ask how he is, what he did that day, and he answers with one word. He’ll sometimes share something funny that happened during his day but for the most part our conversations last 90 seconds.

The house was a mess, so I took a deep breath and i refused to clean, for tonight anyways. I didn’t complain. My daughters were home and wanted to take me out for dinner. I hate when they spend money that they should be saving but they really wanted to take me to this place called Louie’s, a sports bar and grill. I thought a beer and hamburger sounded amazing but knew I wouldn’t order the beer. I got on my jogging clothes and went out with their encouragement to hurry.

I showered after my run and as soon as I was dressed the doorbell rang. It was my son with a silk rose that lights up and a cute card. I hugged him and made a big deal out of him being there. I choked back tears. I was so emotional. So excited to see him! My daughters had arranged for him to go to dinner with us. I could barely keep from crying. This was special and unexpected. I didn’t cry mostly because I didn’t want it to be weird for him. I wanted it to be fun for all of us.

Instead of the bar and grill we passed by this place called McAlester’s. It’s a family sandwich and soup kind of place known for its ice tea. There are many things to choose from there and we all agreed that’s where we wanted to go.
We sat the table and ate our dinner and laughed our heads off. My younger daughter who is 17 made a card for me. The front had all these things that I say and other funny inside jokes we all have. So much fun! Inside of the card was a note personal from her reminding me of the days when I told her I just wanted a note or a poem from her. She is really funny and writes nicely and it was always fun to get things like this from her. Her note inside was special and encouraging. The kind of stuff that you hear your kids say that tells you they will grow up and be fine. I really really had to try hard not to cry but then the funny things on the front made me laugh. My oldest daughter arranged everything and she gave me a card and bought some cool things from Starbuck’s for me. She also got her dad to allow my son to come see me. She took my son to the convenience store to get the card and flower. My son really pitched in by giving his sister the $20 he found in the road the other day when we were walking.
It was a wonderful Mother’s day. One of the most special I can remember. I ‘m proud of and thankful for my kids.
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May 13, 2012