Makes Me So Mad

I am grateful I dont have a story to share here but I do have children and with all the sex offenders in the world the answer seems so easy to me.  Castrate the bastards.  All of them.  The psychologists say they will never be cured of their desires.  And they have rights!  So its more important to observe their rights then save our children!  Castrate them, its the only solution that works. Just had to get that off my chest.  
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1 Response Aug 10, 2010

You do realize not all sex ofenders are pedofiles right? You can be put on the sex offender registry for urinating in public, having consensual sex as a teenager or even for “sexting.” This logic people use to advacate such things is flawed at best, what about female offenders, and what stops a male offender from using an object or fingers, Castration don't get rid of urges.

What about the argument that sex offenders will do it again. My answer to that is, First of all, specialization is no more common for sex offenders than any other type of offender; thieves are more likely to steal, drug offenders are more likely to commit drug crimes, an so on. Furthermore, strong evidence suggests sex offenders actually specialize at a lower rate than most other offenses. The Michigan Parole Board study (2000) shows sex offenders committed sex crimes (2.46%) at a lowerrate than forgers committing forgery (6.86%), Burglars committing burglary(10.56%), robbers committing robbery (5.17%), Drug offenders committing drug crimes (6.42%), and Larcenists committing larceny (12.65%).

Secondly, the statement takes places emphasis on sex offenders who commit sex crimes, while failing to address the fact sex offenders commit only a small percentage of sex crimes that occur every year. Going by number of offenders rather than percentages, The US Dept. of Justice (2003) study found that 517 sex offenders committed a new sex crime, while 3,228 non-sex offenders committed sex crimes. That is roughly six times the number of sex offenders committing sex crimes! Consider also the following statistic from the US Dept. of Justice (1997) study which found 86% (about 6 of 7) of inmates in prison on sex crimes were first time offenders; only 14% had previous sex crimes. Thus, this statement convolutes the bigger picture.