Why Should We Choose One Side?

I think the reason we choose one party is because that's what we are taught in school!  I was interested to hear my kids 6 and 13 talk about the election.  They voted yesterday at school, which I think is a good thing!  However, they wanted to know what Party I belong too.  I said I don't belong to a party...I vote for the person and what they believe in and that I've never voted only for a person because of there political affiliation!  I said there is no reason that you should ever be told that's the only way to vote.  I hope they listen to me and tell there friends.  I think this coutry would be better off just doing away with the party affiliation.  And another thing that makes me angry.  We can raise millions of dollars for a campaign but we still have people that go hungry in this country!  It makes no sense to me.  Ok I'll get off my soap box now!

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Thanks blacksheep...

Thanks Snowboard... You are very correct we do need to keep our eyes and ears open... Thanks for the comment

hey, don't ever get off your soap box, everyone needs to stay on their soap box so that when the president approaches his soap box, he won't lie to us, gotta keep the pressure up and keep people educated and keep those politicians straight.

Good point!

why would some one spend millions on a campaign if they didn"t plan on getting all back plus.

Good point. I live in Illinois where we all knew our gov. Rod was a crook....now the whole world knows it.

If we were to get beyond the corruption that is going on between the government and big business there could be so much that could be done but until we get rid of the political crap, get back to the constitution and quit shredding it for what ever special interest group, we are stuck.

From one outside of the U S A looking in firstly it seems a bit odd to want to get rid of the politicians Then you have anarchy
What looks very strange and we have this to in Australia is how the every day working class soul gets sucked in to voting for a party that represents about 3 per cent of the people that has about 90 per cent of the wealth Your Reagans Bushes Palins etc
One more point--virtually every country in the developed world with the exeption of the U S A has a fairly decent medicare health system,run by the state.With a private system if you chose ,or you are a hypercondrac Figures i saw in the Melbourne Age newspaper about 12 months ago--Approx , Britain 9% private Australia about 44% private and U S A about 70 % private Gees id hate to be the 30%

It isn't about getting rid of the politicians, it is about the politicians doing what they said that they would do when they got elected into office, many get into office and then nothing happens, the change and reform that they talk about doesn't happen, the pay offs, lobby money and such continues to protect the special interest groups, the super rich, and passes the bulk of the cost on to the middle class. If the law makers would just do what is asked of them by their constituents and not make the empty promises, then things would or should become better. On your other point the USA has (nearly 4 years ago) legally passed an Affordable Healthcare Act, which gives everyone health care insurance, the stink being raised now is the fact that now the "glamor" of this being passed people are now asking, "How do we fund this?" "Where are the numbers to support this?" Things that should have been under more scrutiny when this was still in the debate stage, but then we are back to the "party" argument, because one party had the super majority in the whole government the minority party was swept to the side and the Act was passed, but now the realities of this are coming in, who funds this? Who gives the people who can work but don't want to work the money so they can have insurance? Now that the once "minority" party has control of one section of the government they are trying to get something done and it is sad that it has had to come to what is in the current climate.