Not even the framers of the constitution were supportive of political parties - they viewed them as among political factions that would be harmful to the nation. But they also beileved they would be inevitable...and overcome.

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1 Response Mar 16, 2009

I am tired of the political B.S. They are in office to watch out for the American People. But they are more like there own special interest group than anything else.

As a Britain Living in Australia--I know the republicans represent probably a very small percentage of the population that hold the vast (probably over 95% ) of the wealth ---Q Which special interest group do you acertain the Democrats support ?
And dont worry the situation is pretty well duplicated here in Australia as it was when i lived in Britain As a matter of fact i would nt p##s on Margaret Thatcher if she were on fire ,and that goes for Reagan and Bush
You complain about being tired of polititions,mate ,but here in Ausralia it is COMPULSORY to vote