Animals Could Still Comfort Us

  If only animals could talk, we would be like in the world chronicles of narnia where animals and humans could communicate as equals, instead of being alienating by language differences. From the way I see it, animals are not meant to talk and even if they did, we wouldn't be able to undertand them no better than ET. Somehow we could still connect with animals with nonverbal cues that say alot more than the meaning of words themselves. The way animals brains and human brains are wired slightly differently, that even a little difference is as stark as between night and day.

         I feel that I could still connect to animals even if they can not communicate back. Animals could only understand us to a limited degree but I am in no way saying that the communication with other animals is any more superior  to us.


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4 Responses Mar 7, 2010

I believe all animals know what everybody is feeling. They may not speak in a lanuage we can understand but they do give other people and animals comfort.

You know? one day we were taking care of a little dog and I cried next to her and it seemed to me like she understood that something was wrong, I don't know, it was a very nice feeling!

Darktruth - It would be very fascinating to understand exactly how their think. It would probably be a more straightforward conversation than with people.<br />
LV- Besides our acquisition of language, we have enough in common with animals to understand them somewhat.

I agree we do connect with animals to some degree,