Because It Would Make the Society a Better Place

all my youth i went to a art oriented school. So art has always been important in my life. I feel it makes human closer to their sensitivity and therefore closer to other's sensitivity. I feel Art gives tools to get to know yourself better, and therefore contributes to make people grow. And i don't mean that everybody is an artist. I mean that Art should be as important as other activities. And I find that because it's not often a profitable activity - capitalism - it's often set aside. But i think that a healthy society is a wealthy one. So Art should be part of the health care program !!! ;). Seriously, i think we would have a much pacific world with art in everyday life.
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People in general don't like what they don't understand. And a third of the population is exactly like that. They can't deal with something new, or that asks questions or demands that they actually think about something. People don't want to leave their comfort zone and entertain different ideas. <br />
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I think good art addresses larger issues and makes one reevaluate or rethink their perception of the world. Most people don't want to do this. They want to be entertained, not forced to think. So, if you're making original art, or like looking and/or collecting art that's original, you're probably in a minority.

yea i'm all for art being more part of our is overlooked cuz of the capitalist society which is very unfortunate.Art is such a relaxing and beautiful thing.Human ex<x>pression-where would we be without such wonderous things...