The Italian Nightmare

I was barely able to talk when Berlusconi bought my team, AcMilan. He did something really bizarre. He landed in the stadium in an helicopter with Wagner's Cavalcade and all the team. He took the team to John Paul II for a blessing and told to the pope: 'You and my Milan are the same: you bring a winning strategy around and you win!' Late 80's Ac Milan is considered one of the best soccer team ever, only Messi's Barcellona seems able to match it, and still it hasn't. Late 80's Berlusconi was already a horny thief who had stolen and not paid everything he had: women, villas, business. Still people protested in the streets to defend his media persecuted by law. They wanted to watch his televisions. They wanted naked ***** and stupid news.
I was still a girl when he candidate as italian prime minister and won. It didn't last long, just enough to feel what the country mood was. General statement was: politician are thieves, he's rich already so he will do italians interests. Intellectuals, comedians such Benigni, writers started their own cultural campaign against him. Italians laughed at it but Berlusconi won. They found out he had relations with Mafia? Elected. They charged him with illegal transitions building his business? Voted. Now they caught him screwing a underage runaway girl (the famous Ruby he tried to pass as Mubarack nephew) and throwing parties were girls danced naked in front of him for becoming ministers and politicians, paid by italians taxes.
I grown up feeling angry and sorry for one of the most beautiful country in the world, my country, a place were you have to deal with a general dream: steal, **** underage girls and get away with it.
That caused the present situation. We don't have a democratic government. We are not an independent country anymore. Germany imposed a crew of financial experts to rule on Italy and to get rid of Berlusconi. If my ancestors, those who fought against nazi (my great uncle Giuseppe died in Auchwitz as political prisoner; my uncle Alex has a blind eye, he got beaten by nazi when he was seven; my great grand father was tortured to death by the occupants) they might feel this is nothing. They got their ***** beaten we just get slowly drown by the very same federation we helped to build.
When Berlusconi he was charged again for improper transitions (the ac milan business was one of them) and condemned to four years of prison I went out and party with some friends. At the third round i got scared. When Berlusconi had troubled in the past he did his best move: election. He's running again for prime minister.
I don't know what to think anymore. If a country dream is to be Berlusconi, if any single italian wish to be like him there's soon be nothing left to steal, to **** and none to get away from. I'll call that a nightmare, 28 years long. Nothing seems loud enough to wake us up.
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thanks for your effort... the freak show continues... for the central PIG that all government coincides with in spiritual conspiracy... very horrific reality... good luck as resistance

As not has :)

You misunderstood me. I don't think germany is the problem here. If germany didn't approve Draghi at Bce we would be exactly like greece. I was mentioning my family history to point out that they might have found our situation not so bad, after what they suffered. The country has changed, problem is B. party had trown down government cause for two main reason: first he has been charged for taxes fraud and condemned to fours years of jail and he's been trialing for UNDERAGE PROSTITUTION. Then there's the election system: Monti was about to reform the present system that makes impossible to run the country to anybody who wins. Anybody but Berlusconi, who has the power of bribing, blackmailing a corrupted class of politician. That means, if the opposition party wins won't be able to take the lead unless is approved from the parlament. In that case B would hold the chip, postpone his trial or cancel it, and might succeded in what is really aiming for: becoming President. To protect the present President, Napolitano, he, his buddies and also Monti (who acted to avoid civil crisis. He's an economist and had a job to do) voted a series of emandment that makes impossible to persecute Repubblic President, just like the Pope. This is inconstitutional, but the president he's himself the last guardian of Constitution. It's very likely Berlusconi's campaign will use Germany has a target (stereotypes are his best thing), Euro has the main problem. Monti is not a politician, he was suggested has successor by Merkel herself to Napolitano to replace B. He worked in Europe Bce, they know each other and she trusted him. After all, when people give you credit on nothing they have to trust you. Nobody voted him, he rounded some technician, some university don and made the goverment. People criticize him, say he has no heart, but for 10 months it was like having someone responsible in charge. This experience changed him to. But that is sort of loosing democracy. It was like been told:'you can't do that. My national pride sunk again. I strongly believe in europe. Whatever we can say, whatever stereotypes might be, we are related. If i meet spanish, french or greek persons, this is clear. Coming from Milan, old Ausburg land, i can share things with Germans, Polish, even with Hungarian people. Albanians resents Italian, it was us that treat them like ****, but they share something with you. I have to say has soon people got to know me in Europe i was respected and valued. But that is part of being the fruit of this culture. When B congratulate to Lukashenko i was trembling with anger. When i wrote a piece (unpublished, they said it was too foward) on how we support that goverment, in a way that Pope himself despised, i did it beacuse if you point out black spots with light you can improve. In the end, we can say we know no war because of European Union. It might have been to unite everyone again in this difficult times. We still have a lot to learn to finally called us european as we wish.

Probably one reason is in attraction of power.
Power is very great for ago and sexual behavior. Power is more important than money.
Many people think someones get money with, I think they get power with money.
berlusconi is totally megalomaniac, his money let him to get a football team, et to be prime minister. His ego needs power, maybe because he knows subconsciently he is only a ****.
The only persons he can ****, he has to pay them, his friends… he has to pay, his party… he has to pay. He has to pay for power too.
In france we have the same ones, their price is just less expensive. Sarkozy is very cheap, he only wanted to be friend with some like Berlusconi. But he is in the same mood.

The persons who can really have power, don't want to go into the same ground with them.
Democracy is very ill.

I know but this guy is shameless. Mafious, pimp, thieves, and i don't even start on what he did in human rights and foreign policy. His power seem endless. He owns all the media group, whatever you do here is channelled through him. He just made government fall to avoid jail. We paid his lovers cause they sit in parliament. The risk of Italy ending like greece is very real now. Why he does this? Because if he is the law he doesn't have to confront the law. He should be processed in Ajax as criminal.

yes sometimes its hard to understand politics thats why i dont like this topics just like religion i always dont want to argue with it but yes im also with those people who feel betrayed by their politician just like in the Philippines thats why i never agree with the Govnt because i know everywhere people who are just waiting that one day they can bend the law and do corruptions and all those things we know...sad that the people always believe with them and never learn.

well politics is dirty anywhere and when people start doing dirty business nothing we can do and people with money usually run away or get away from the law and thats the fact and about women any country that has beauty but empty pockets is vulnerable and its hard to blame them because they cannot resist this temptation and for this women its better to be a prostitute and pimp with people like Mr.B. et al,hhmmmm sad but if your not aware even easter europe women are now under this kind of human traficking and slavery and pimp with political known person for sex and all,sad but its true.