Amazing, Stupid and Offensive

Normally you'd think those words would describe the words they're censoring, right? But it serves absolutely no purpose. It's just annoying. You think that people who are under 18 don't know what the words hidden under the bunches of asterisks mean? And seriously, censoring words like bi-sexual... that's ridiculous and really, really offensive. It implies that you think such a sexual preference is so unacceptable that even the word is poisonous. Stop the censorship now!!!
Christabel Christabel
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haha... you can control the censorship for what words YOU see... they just have it set up to filter by default. Just change your settings if the censorship of words annoys you. Problem solved.<br />
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I do agree however that "under 18" accounts should not be allowed to access anything marked "adult" because really, you get that "you must be 18 or older to view" message, and what happens? OF COURSE they will LIE and click that they are anyway! Weren't we all under 18 at some point and wanted to do stuff we were always told "wait till you're older" and it would **** us off so we'd find a way around to do it anyway? *smirk*

This site doesn't allow children under seventeen to join. You can't tell me that a 17 doesn't know the facts of life. They know the words, the actions and maybe could even teach us a thing or two, so why censor at all. censorship is wrong!

It also make it impossible to know what some groups are when you're browsing through other people's experiences. All you can do about it is click through, which half the time leads to something you really don't want to hear about, and the rest of the time makes you miss groups that might be important to you.<br />
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And yeah, I too am personally insulted by he cencorin of the word bise xual

If bi.sexual is censored, I am actually offended, seeing as I am one and I'm as much a member of experience project as any heterosexual is. Not to mention the GLBT community needs as much support as it can get and this seems to be an awesome place to find support!

I was commenting on a story about **** Cheney and the D*ck was bleeped. Come on, you can't use a name??? PLEASSSSE

Sure are showin' your region there, Cel ... hehe

totally agree with the idea of marking things as adult and then filtering or blocking underage from viewing...that would require though that some sort of age verification system be in place.<br />
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I dont remember having to prove mine....<br />
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wait they saw my picture...guess wrinkels told that tale...LOL

LoL - I know, puck I tried to say earlier something about having my hair chemically str!pped so I could re-dye it, was a little confused as to why they didn't show it!!

I think the internet is for EVERYONE. Children as well, but this place, if you really think about it, is not something children would be interested in. If it were to be something children were interested in, there'd be experience groups such as "I Have A HOLOGRAPHIC JAPANESE ROCKET CHARIZARD" and it'd be more of a bragfest and a compare-and-contrast site than a site where people actually share experiences.

i totally agree

some words being censored are a bit questionable, however, i can understand the underlying reasons although i do not necessarily agree. <br />
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here's what mystifies me ... <br />
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it's okay for someone under 18 to read a sexually expicit story that contains no 'curse' words but we are going so far as to censor such words as s.trip for the sake of their underage eyes and senses? this makes NO sense whatsoever. there are plenty of explitive-free stories here that are not marked as "adult" which should indeed be marked such due to content, references, inuendos, maturity, violence, sexual content, etc.<br />
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the only thing i can suggest is the following: when a user signs up and their age is less than legal, there needs to be a filter on their particular account wherein anything THEY look at will be censored. AND as adults when we write stories that are of an inappropriate nature (do you want your 13-17 yr old reading it?) we should be responsible enough to mark them as "Adult."<br />
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while i realize many of us will forget to mark our stories "Adult" perhaps it could also be up to the readers. perhaps the author as well as the readers could rate the story much like TV - MA=Mature Audience, R-18+, PG-13, PG, G, X=Gratuitous Sex, V=Violence, etc... Maybe in order to have your comment posted you HAVE to rate the story content???<br />
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I don't know what the answer is and I doubt my suggestions are very feasible. But surely if we all put our heads together we can come up with an appropriate fix.<br />
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btw that particular word - s.trip - is utilized in my vocabulary quite frequently and it's context is purely innocent. *shrugs*

Ahh I got it...


haha Puck I still don't know what your talking about

The above censored word, describes the removal of clothes or a coating substance. <br />
The noun form is a street, or what airplanes arrive and depart on.

In one of my stories, they censored, "hell" and "*****" that blew my mind>

Yup. And you don't really see many children on here, anyway...