An Honest Question That Was Flagged!

I asked an honest question just to get a response.I was curious.I asked "How many athiests still have a nagging feeling there is a Supreme Being?"I must have struck a cord with someone because my question was flagged.Maybe someone didnt like the question but there is no need to censor it.I thought atheists believe in free speech and not censorship.I guess Im wrong.Communist Soviet Union was atheistic too and banned free speech and religion.Well,I stick with free speech,and democracy,and I'll stick with the freedom of My Heavenly Father God,The Son and The Holy Spirit.Unless they they start taking away freedom of religion in this country and make you bear a mark.In that case Ill say crucify me litteraly right on this spot.

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If you're an atheist, you don't believe in a supreme being.
If you're a theist, you definitely believe in a supreme being (but you don't necessarily have to know who or what - your question is referring to a theist).
If you're agnostic, you believe that we [humans] do not have any possible means of knowing whether or not there is a supreme being.

Sadly, I'm not surprised it was. There's a select few that are hell-bent on destroying free speech on EP. In fact, the one, she actually says just that "Free speech is a right, just not on EP" And no, she's not the owner (perish the thought...he would likely be sued over that sort of blatant stupidity, and well he knows it) but a simply member that wields her crap logic and her finger on the "flag" and "report" option, going so far as to brag that she can do whatever she wants on EP and you better not question it. So the new question is...are we skert of her ???<br />
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Nice story btw, and I just joined this group. I'm sure they (the moral minority militia, as I call them now,) are trolling it by now, and you, and your groups, and your circle... must be so exhausting being a total ******* to people all the time like that. I think maybe I'll ask her sometime. Oh that's right...she blocked me right after admin visited my group. Wanna join?<br />
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Come by and have your say there too. <br />
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I made this link just so it would be sure and post on whiteboards. Hope you'll join:) Oh and thanks so much for the story...sorry they flagged your perfectly good question. I'm not overly religious, but I'm respectful of others and their choices... would be nice if we could all do that, I think. Perhaps, then that is my religion... I'm not an atheist though.