They Travel In Packs

  I've found out the hard way there are deffinately cliques on here! The sad thing is they gang up on you-just like children do. If one dissagrees, they all disagree. It's so sad and pathetic how they all gotta pat each other on the back so they'll seem like they do good when they insult people! It's like when one comments on a story-the rest slug on and join in the fun. "well said clique member". Please! If i know i've proven my point, why would I need somebody to tell me "well said"?

  Those shows how small minded they are.

Stand on your own 2 feet, afer all this is just a website. how do you make it in the real world w'out your clique.

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Very true. Well said.

wiseowl,<br />
I know right. It's almost a never ending story

I see that nasty behavior in the confessions..There's a playground for arguments. Cliques eventually fold.I've seen it many times here. Oh, when the top 2 or 3 people get kicked off for trouble making. That behavior goes so far!

:) <br />
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Case closed!

Point Proven Prophet!

Lol, who came to who's story? Assuming that I liked drama? Guess i'd better stand by for the rest of your clique to come rescue you! <br />
<br />
I'm glad people are seeing the truth! :) Good day.

If I liked drama i'd go start you're TRYING TO DO. <br />
There's a difference between me starting drama..and somebody else bringing it to me!

Very 8th grade!!!!<br />
<br />
It's amazing the level of immaturity you see on this site!

um..what post was this what topic? Were these ATHEISTS???? <br />
Oh yeah, they're like buzzards swarming lookin down on anything where they can start **** and cause they can all pack up and attack. <br />
<br />
"thank you,dear" PUH-LEEZE i said, if I know i'm right or i'm expressing my opinion..why i need somebody else to agree? Seems like to me that's a sign of weakness, need people to agree with you reassure you. <br />
Lol, it's funny,sad and pathetic all wraped up into one.

I've got one attacking my comment and immediately a friend of this person's came in to support the attack.<br />
<br />
And then the original attacker actually took the time to post another comment and said, "Thank you, dear."<br />
<br />
Don't you feel like rolling your eyes?