I Was Just Thinkin..

I was just thinking this when I saw the first line of Tumblindice's story.

I was thinking, " Yeah, it would have been great if I'd been on EP back when I was a teenager."

Only it would never have happened because if there had even been a social-media back then and a huge internet population, it still wouldn't have included me. :/

When I really needed EP was when I was 7- 14, that is when the worst time was..

thinking I was the only person who  was going through all that I was..


I am happy that people can come on EP when they are 13 and not have to wait until they are 18.

TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
31-35, M
1 Response Mar 7, 2009

My life would have been VERY different had the internet been around when I was a teenager.<br />
<br />
If EP had been around 10 years ago I think my life would be a bit different now, too.<br />
<br />
But maybe I wouldn't have been receptive to it then as I am now.<br />
<br />
All things happen for a reason, or so I've been told.<br />
<br />