Could You Imagine?

Everyone would be so comfortable and no one would feel under-dressed. lol

SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
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3 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I wear footed pjs when I goto the dollar srore that is only a few blocks away. I do not care if anyone looks or even asks. I am more covered up and decent than the girls who goto the store in just a bikini and a towel or the ladies who goto the store in thin night gowns. So have fun in your pajamas and wear them wear you want to.

I MUST have pockets!

Sometimes when I don't have to go anywhere, I will wear them all day around the house. It would be great to be able to go places without changing out of them. <br />
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A guy in an office that I used to work in would sometimes pick on this gal in the office about an outfit that she sometimes wore and say that she had come to work in her pajamas. And it did look a lot like pajamas after he mentioned it. She claimed that he was jealous. <br />
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One problem might be that I would miss my pockets. I don't know how women can go around in outfits without a single pocket!

I have to have pockets!!!