I'm Watching One Of The Sexiest Things I Think I Have Ever Seen.....

I had a yen for ice cream so I ran out and got some, fresh made on the premises..mmmmm... ice cream cones for me, hubs and  a couple of the other guys who had  some time to eat it...... The other guys took thgeir into the break room.  Hubs is standing  a little ways away from me, but right smack in front of me..eating his.
OMIGOSH....  I have sen him eat ice cream cones a million times but I guess I just never paid close enough attention to how freakin sexy he is doing it. 

He's in a deep conversation with one of  the black belt guys he trains and so he's paying close attention to what the man is talking about and being very serious.......But watching  him......l....i...c..k.... that cone is enough to drive me clear over the edge!!!  I always knew he had a great tongue.....I know that body part really well but studying it from where I am, I see WHY it works sooooo well...It's LONG!  and he knows just how to curve it to keep his ice cream from dripping...I betcha he does the same thing on me.....

I have never gotten horny watching somebody eat ice cream before.....but I AM NOW!!    He is so into his talk he has no idea I'm watching him either so it's not like he's doing anything especially erotic for my benefit !  He just handles his ice cream as  AWESOMELY as he handles SEX!!  Jeezzzzz I love that guy and what a ROCKIN case of the hots I have right now!!

Have any of you ever gotten horny watching somebody lick an ice cream cone?  Or am I bein TOTALLY weird and a little more "nympho" then usual????
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Sie--<br />
You are quite sensual licking your cone as well.<br />
I took special note of that yesterday. <br />
I know just what that tongue of yours is capable of too. ;-)

Aww thanks rough guy!! ♥ We both have pretty talented tongues!! ;P

You guys are too cute!!!

aww thanks..... :)

Aww looking4......how AWESOME is that? Make mine blueberry and make sure you get it after you're last session so I can have some fun with ya after I watch you eat yours!!!!!! ;)<br />
hugs and hugs you sexy ice cream eater you!! ♥

Sie--<br />
I had forgotten you composed this piece.<br />
What a delight to peruse it once more.<br />
I may have to purchase some ice cream this afternoon. ;-)

cc only you would get hawt watching him eat ice cream. :0] you 2 r 2 much. but you give me hope that good relationships do exist.

aww thanks tough girl! ♥

Sie--<br />
More--wiggles--please! ;-)

anytime rough guy!! :D

Sie--<br />
What a delight to read--yet again! ;-)

awwwww......hugs and wiggles!!

Just as what you saw was hot so is the way you describe it. HOT!

Thanks tommy!! I try, my best, to share my "wiggly" moments!! ♥

Your best is very, very good!

Aww thanks and how cool nudy!! a fellow, " Ice cream licker-watcher" We could form our own group!! :D


Mrs.Red...You go girl!! YEAHHH!! :D

No, you are just being incredibly mesmerized by hubs extroardinary palate skills with the other type of cream! LOL Just get lost in how each stroke, stroke of his lizard licks, make more than the icey delight pant under his spell.<br />
enjoy and repeat thoroughly. Hmmm... sounds like you need to have this again often.

Yup!! That works for me too! :D

Affininty....Ya know...the funny thing is.... I have a few buddies who say they're soooo glad they don't have to deal with a woman like me!! Some guys have noo interest in being with someone who is always ready!! One guy even said reading my stuff made him sort of appreciate his sexless marriage!! :D I think I totally make a LOT of guys darn glad for the one they cuddle up with at home!! Good thing hubs loves me the way I am..but he's as sex crazed as me so it works out good!!

thank goodness for that!! :D Otherwise I'd have scared the poor man silly!

Seriously? What man in his right mind would not want a woman who is so electric and full of life and readiness? You are a rare gem. More women should be as uninhibited as you. Bless you unapologetic sense of self pride!

You cracked me right up with this etb! I swear such a poetic guy you are...Thanks sooo much for it too! ♥

Aww thanks... my loveable, lil yellow birdie....♥ hugs and hugs :)

It's only natural! Tehe

gray, that'll be interesting to see if he does!! Watch, if I start sayin he is all of a sudden putting on weight you'll know he's chowin down on extra ice cream!! :D

looking4, Awww. I love keeping your male ego all happy!! You got NOOOOOO worries on how happy you keep me. In ALL ways! ♥<br />
<br />
Sudsey pup needed a taste too!! He begs with those eyes... ♥<br />
<br />
LOL @ coaxing you back to your office!! YUP!! I did that too! I took that man right where he stood! Well, he sorta do a lot of the work but I was a darn decent director!! :D

Sie--<br />
My male ego thrives--<br />
as I read these words--<br />
How titillating to find that my merely consuming a treat had this effect!<br />
I too enjoyed a lovely glance--<br />
at your sharing ice cream with Suds.<br />
This could be the main reason why he gains weight--<br />
and you do not!<br />
Thank you for sharing this.<br />
One of my most favored goals--<br />
is to keep that extraordinary libido of yours--<br />
actively engaged and delightfully fulfilled!<br />
<br />
Sierra did in fact--<br />
bring her feelings to my attention.<br />
Immediately upon my completing my cone and conversation.<br />
She approached me--<br />
and informed me there was something that required my attentions in my office.<br />
She was speaking of herself.<br />
It is so easy to see--<br />
why I adore this woman!

Vignette, LOL! Thanks.... I also have a real fascination for hands and arms!! Good to know you'll be putting men thru the "Ice Cream Test" now!!

Sounds to me you're being exactly the nympho for your Hubs you always are lol. So I wouldn't worry to much about it. I'm sure you managed to find time to tell exactly how horny watching him made you. ;-)<br />
<br />
You always make me smile with your stories.

jacee, I did tell him too! I'm glad I got a smile outta you!! hugs ♥

Nope ... nothing weird or nympho about you at all sierra ... nope ... not at all ... :P

Aww thanks Bliss! :D

WO..You're sooooo right on that one.......so...so...soooooo right!! But at work I can hold myself back and keep strong.....if not a little wiggly in my chair! :D