I hate the dead looking head avatar and I wish everyone would select a different avatar for theirs, better yet I wish everyone would create one that represents their life and personality.

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LOL ladee!<br />
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Ditto CJ.

I feel the same FG the avvvs should should your personality.

I love your avatar Chris bc it is you. I don't see your face normally when I dream of you. I see a leg. You are a leg with a shade for a head in my dreams. It is rather erotic.<br />
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Maw, Your avatar is adorable. <br />
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My, I agree about that head. Ask Heaven what happens when you convert back to a head. I wrote a story about it as well. She was in tears and I still had to make fun of her.

lol i do

What? You don't like my avatar? ;p

I am freaked out by the blue and yellow thing. It should be for the pervs only. I even wrote a story on it to improve EP, but nothing happened. Oh, well.

Lily, Let's start an effort to always have avatars lol/<br />
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Ar, Of course!<br />
<br />
ladee, uh oh because I remember a day when you changed avatars like 40 times. What were you doing that day to have to change your panties so many times? LOL<br />
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Bub, My life was so much easier when you weren't both bubbles. I wish you would always have pink bubbles or something so I know if I am talking to the make side or the female side of your relationship lol.

im a giiiiiiiiirl!

i win at everything

Byb, He has Superman bc he is my Superman. Are you the girl or the boy? LOL Y'all are so close I can never tell anymore lol.<br />
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Your avatar reflects who I see you as NS so it is close enough lol.<br />
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Of course AR.

your "S" dont have to mean "Superman" it may be "S" like "Special" :D

I think I have too many avatars, hehe... but always reflects my emotions or mood... :) I can't have only one always... I'm too emotional :)

that is because it is the best.

I like your avatar a lot.

my avatar is the best.

Cream, Exactly and I think EP should at least give women a female head lol. I never will forget when HeavenBesideYou lost her avatar and there were system issues so she couldn't change it back. I poked fun at her for that head for about 2 weeks. Oh wait I am doing it again lol.<br />
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Rog, Your avatar is beautiful. I am glad you don't have the head anymore or I would have to take you off my front page. <br />
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LB, and it suits you. I love your avatar.<br />
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DUET, I have loved your screen name since day one bc the it fascinates me. <br />
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NW, I love your avatar and it represents your screen name well. The head is creepy.<br />
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CW, Of course and it does represent you well.

Here's mine. It represents my love of both panties and plastic pants.

i drive mine

Yes, considering the site offers choices that are super easy to use I'd think people would at least chose one of those instead of the head thing!<br />
I also like seeing creative and original ones - or actual photos of people too.<br />

LOL I love yours as well.